Arctic West Summer 2016 (AWS16)
Mission Updates

July 10, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 10 July 2016

“Now, for the information of all hands, US Coast Guard Cutter HEALY has stood into the realm of the Arctic Circle…To all Honorable Polar Bears Onboard: Borealis Rex and his court welcome you back.” - LCDR Dan Everette, Operations Officer.

July 3, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 3 July 2016

“Fair winds… and open leads, Shipmate.” – CAPT Jason Hamilton

June 19, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 19 June 2016

Aloha friends! After a week of non-stop drills, training, and flight operations, HEALY stopped in Honolulu, Hawaii for a few days of relaxation before our 140 day Arctic deployment begins.

June 12, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 12 June 2016

“It’s time to take HEALY back to where she belongs… the Arctic!” – CAPT Hamilton

HEALY embarking the Inside Passage pilots via hoist operations.
HEALY's small boat recovers one of the two Wave Gliders.
A friendly polar bear swims closer to inspect CGC HEALY.
FS3 Catherine Towe practices firefighting techniques.
MK2 Jeff Bernard conducts repairs on the #3 main diesel engine.
SN Sabrina Duran reads her advancement letter with CAPT Hamilton
BM1 Julia Kinney is pinned by CWO4 Tim Tully and BMC John Lobherr.
Deck Department rejoices after deploying the final mooring of 1602.
SNFS Santiago and SN Landes perform during HEALY's arts festival.
The JO’s of Room 300 take one final Arctic photo.
The Deck Department recovers a previously deployed mooring.
DCC Dave Warner instructs crewmembers on the use of the P-6 pump.
DCC Dave Warner conducts training with members of HEALY’s fire team.
Ol' Dirty Plaster and the Navi-Knots perform in the hangar on Labor Day.
A beautiful sunrise observed prior to HEALY leaving the Arctic.
ENS Chris DiBari conns HEALY during an anchorage.
The Deck Department deploying a NOAA sonobuoy.
DC2 Bradley Robinson instructs on "K-type" mechanical shoring.
ENS Nickolette Morin and BM1 Dave Edelson practice dressing  wounds.
A beautiful Arctic sunset from the past week.