Arctic West Summer 2016 (AWS16)
Mission Updates

July 10, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 10 July 2016

“Now, for the information of all hands, US Coast Guard Cutter HEALY has stood into the realm of the Arctic Circle…To all Honorable Polar Bears Onboard: Borealis Rex and his court welcome you back.” - LCDR Dan Everette, Operations Officer.

July 3, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 3 July 2016

“Fair winds… and open leads, Shipmate.” – CAPT Jason Hamilton

June 19, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 19 June 2016

Aloha friends! After a week of non-stop drills, training, and flight operations, HEALY stopped in Honolulu, Hawaii for a few days of relaxation before our 140 day Arctic deployment begins.

June 12, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 12 June 2016

“It’s time to take HEALY back to where she belongs… the Arctic!” – CAPT Hamilton

The Deck Department observes gear deployed from the aft a-frame.
The Deck Department poses for a photo after completing the seventh mooring.
HEALY’s bow parting waves as we transited through heavy seas.
MK1 Nicholas Mersch practices administering first aid on SK2 Ronald Milton.
BMC John Lobherr supervises the deployment of a Sea Glider.
The anchor detail monitors HEALY’s port anchor off of Nome, AK.
LTJG Nick Seleska conning from the science conning station.
The crew and embarked science party gather for the AWS-1602 mission photo.
The Deck Department deploys the DVLA mooring.
The Navigation team conducts a Mode III drill inbound Dutch Harbor.
MK3 Aaron Key conducts boat checks.
USCGC HEALY departs Honolulu, flanked by two tug boats.
YNC Sarah Gallagher, BM2 Jerry Speicher, OSC Nicole Clark, and BM2 Daniel Gomes receive their permanent Cuttermen pins at quarters.
Landing Signal Officers (LSOs) ENS Angel Serrano and MST1 Sean Carrillo guide an MH-65D helicopter in for landing
DCC David Warner instructs BM1 Kenneth Cook on hose handling techniques.
CDR William Woityra presents Jeff Welker with a flag flown aboard HEALY.
HEALY’s crew bows their heads for a moment of silence.
Deck Department deploying the ROV.
ENS Abby Isaacs standing Engineer of the Watch (EOW) in main control.
USCGC HEALY underway in the Pacific Ocean.