Arctic West Summer 2016 (AWS16)
Mission Updates

July 10, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 10 July 2016

“Now, for the information of all hands, US Coast Guard Cutter HEALY has stood into the realm of the Arctic Circle…To all Honorable Polar Bears Onboard: Borealis Rex and his court welcome you back.” - LCDR Dan Everette, Operations Officer.

July 3, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 3 July 2016

“Fair winds… and open leads, Shipmate.” – CAPT Jason Hamilton

June 19, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 19 June 2016

Aloha friends! After a week of non-stop drills, training, and flight operations, HEALY stopped in Honolulu, Hawaii for a few days of relaxation before our 140 day Arctic deployment begins.

June 12, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 12 June 2016

“It’s time to take HEALY back to where she belongs… the Arctic!” – CAPT Hamilton

HEALY’s small boat in the ice.
FS2 Ethan Sanders hard at work in the galley.
The HEALY crew recovers the mooring utilizing the starboard knuckle crane.
MSTC Will Winegar in action launching the CTD.
The first ice of our summer expedition!
BMC Chris Lobherr holds a wreath before committing it to the deep.
SN Weesner assists SA Rife in donning an SCBA mask.
CDR Karl Lander, USCG, Ret. receives the coveted HEALY plaque, from CAPT Jason Hamilton.
ENS Jon Lash, BMCS Scott Cichoracki, and ENS Joey O’Connell Conn HEALY to recover moorings.
A view of HEALY and her small boats during boat operations.
F&S2 Sterling Van Horn prepares burgers on the flight deck for the morale meal.
Members of the flight crew place tie-downs on the MH-60D Jayhawk during flight operations with AIRSTA Kodiak.
Crewmembers BM3 Kelly Coleman, BM3 Ben Ahlin, MK3 Aaron Key, BM2 Julia Kinney, and MK1 Josh Tauscher during small boat ops.
ET1 Justin “the Blitz” Knowlton, HEALY’s renowned emcee.
BM2 Jim Bowell prepares the mooring ball for redeployment.
HEALY’s first polar bear of the summer!
CAPT Jason Hamilton addresses crew members during the memorial ceremony.
CAPT Hamilton receives the Infinity Globe from Michele Hoffman on behalf of the crew.
CAPT Hamilton presents SK1 Brian Purcell with the Arctic Service Medal.
ADM Paul Zukunft and CAPT Jason Hamilton speak with guests in the cabin.