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Sector Juneau

Coastal Guardians of the Inside Passage 

 Coast Guard Sector Juneau is a multi-mission unit based in Juneau, Alaska. The command consists of approximately 250 active duty, reserve, and civilian members with ten field commands and detachments. Sector Juneau's personnel, under three main departments, Prevention, Response, and Logistics, provide a vital Coast Guard presence in four strategic Southeast Alaska communities, and conduct operations in over 20 remote areas and native villages on over 2,000 islands and 10,000 miles of shoreline.


Provide the highest degree of professional maritime safety, security, and law enforcement service to Southeast Alaska in all Coast Guard mission areas. We will continue to strive for operational excellence.

Sector Juneau will continue to develop relationships with our port partners and the public we serve through cultural awareness, loyalty, integrity, and selfless service. We are committed to the development of our people through training, education and wellness.


709 W 9th St.
Suite 223B
JUNEAU, AK 99802
(907) 463-2980