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“Congratulations on your orders to CGC Kimball! Your shipmates and I look forward to welcoming you into the Kimball ‘ohana’. We are homeported in Honolulu on the beautiful island of Oahu, where the average temperature is in the mid to low 80s year round. There is plenty to do on the island including hiking, fishing, world class surfing, diving, and more!

Welcome Aboard Messages:

Welcome aboard messages are sent to each new shipmate, including recruits. If the message is not received in time, recruits can contact the cutter at (808) 842-2875 (Quarterdeck) or (808) 226-0865 (OOD) and ask to speak to their sponsor.

Reporting Guidance:

Ship’s Address:  Base Honolulu- 400 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819. Look for hull number 756.  

Ship’s Phone: Quarterdeck (808) 842-2875/2876/2878  

Alternative: (808)226-0865

Uniform:The reporting uniform is tropical blue with combination cover. The typical work uniform is ODUs.

Daily Routine: Liberty expires at 0645 daily with the exception of holiday routine. Liberty is normally granted at 1300 at Department Head discretion.


1. An Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) shipment should not to exceed 2000 lbs and should be shipped at least 60 days prior to arrival. Basic kitchen items and linen may be available for loan from the Loan Closet Military and Family Support Services located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, (808)449-0319. Additionally, some privatized housing contractors have furniture available to loan to new residents.

2. Upon arrival in Hawaii, contact the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office Pearl Harbor at (808)473-7750 to determine the shipment status for all inbound HHG and UB. For status on POV shipments, contact the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) at (808)848-8383. The following website also has POV shipment status:  

3. Only one POV is authorized to be shipped at GOVT expense on a PCS order. POV transit times to Hawaii averages 47 days from the east coast and Midwest/Gulf Coast, and 39 days from the West Coast. Members should contact their local transportation officer to determine the closest vehicle shipping port serving their old duty station. Personnel responsible for preparing orders are reminded that an alternate port (other than the closest to old or new PDS) can be used if it is deemed more advantageous to the GOVT and is so stated in the members standard travel orders.

4. Housing units in Hawaii are generally smaller than most homes INCONUS. If you are coming from a large house, you might want to consider storing part of your household goods in non-temp storage. Consult your local transportation officer for more information on HHG storage.

Pet Quarantine

1. The State of Hawaii has animal quarantine laws to ensure Hawaii remains rabies free. The length of the quarantine depends on pre-arrival requirements and varies from less than 5 days to 120 days. Hawaii also has restrictions on what species of animals may be imported. For information on Hawaii animal importation and quarantine laws, visit  

Arrival Information

1. Please keep your sponsor informed throughout the entire travel period and provide flight information before departing your old PDS. Your sponsor will be at the airport upon your arrival to assist with transportation from the airport to your place of lodging. Reimbursement for a rental vehicle is not authorized.

2. On the first business day after your arrival, you are required to report to CGC KIMBALL Admin Office. If flying in after hours and unable to reach your sponsor, contact the CGC KIMBALL Quarterdeck.

3. Personal checks are generally accepted at most military bases in Hawaii. Automated teller machines are readily available all over the island. (no Bank of America or Wells Fargo machines)

Housing and Temporary Lodging Allowance

1. Please be advised that Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) is mandatory for all unaccompanied members.

The UPH must be fully utilized to the greatest extent possible prior to the Commanding Officers authorizing basic allowance for housing.  A release from mandatory assignment to government quarters must be obtained from the local housing authority. Moving onto the economy without authorization could be a financial burden if there is room availability.

2. Most military housing in Hawaii has been privatized. Privatized housing is managed very similarly to government-owned housing, and many of the policies are the same. Personnel in privatized housing pay rent by allotment equivalent to the amount of their BAH. This payment includes utilities. Use of privatized housing is not mandatory unless you are Key and Essential Personnel (K&E). Personnel are authorized housing on the economy once released from government quarters. The following privatized housing operations have Coast Guard residents: Island Palm Community, which is our Army Housing partner, Ohana Navy and Marine Corps communities, and Hickam Community Housing.  Here are links to their websites: http://www.hickamcommunities.com .

The Base Honolulu Housing Office is available to provide additional information. Please visit them within 72 hours of arrival.

3. Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is an allowance which is authorized by the Base Honolulu Transportation Office in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) and the Coast Guard District 14 TLA Instruction, CGD14INST 7200.1C. TLA is designed to partially reimburse a member for more than normal expenses incurred when temporary lodging is acquired as a direct result of PCS orders to Hawaii. Authorization for reimbursement is given in 10 day periodic increments depending on individual circumstances. Single members are expected to reside onboard CGC KIMBALL until housing is found and are NOT authorized TLA. The use of the GOVT Travel Charge Card (GTCC) is authorized to cover expenses directly related to TLA allowances. Your GTCC may be used to pay for hotel expenses and for the member's meals only. In accordance with ALCGPSC 120/16, all PCS travel under 15 days requires members to book all lodging and airfare through ADVTRAV. If ADVTRAV is not used, reimbursement will not be approved for the TLA claim. You MUST officially report to your new PCS command before TLA or any other overseas allowances will be authorized (TLA cannot be paid for members in a leave status prior to reporting in to the OCONUS unit). You MUST also complete a TLA indoctrination with the Base Honolulu Transportation Office upon the first 24 hours or first workday after arrival. In the event that you will be arriving after hours, please ensure to check in with your new PDS administrative personnel or OOD. Please keep your sponsor informed throughout the entire travel period and provide flight information before departing your old PDS. For questions or concerns regarding TLA, please do not hesitate to contact CG Base Honolulu Transportation Office via telephone at 808-842-2020/2024 or email at

Education in Hawaii

1. For any information on education or schooling in Hawaii, please contact the school liaison at (808)842-2087