Coast Guard Cutter POLAR SEA (WAGB 11) is one of the world's most powerful, conventionally propelled icebreakers.

POLAR SEA was built by Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company in Seattle.  Homeported in Seattle since being commissioned in 1977, POLAR SEA has operated around the globe.  POLAR SEA is designed to perform science, icebreaking, and all Coast Guard missions in both polar regions.  With a reinforced hull and up to 75,000 horsepower, POLAR SEA can break up to 21 feet of ice, or 6 feet of ice at a continuous speed of 3 knots.  POLAR SEA can carry two HH-65 CG Helicopters for science and logistics support.  Berthing is available for approximately 150 crewmembers, and as many as thirty-five scientists and technicians.  POLAR SEA is equipped as a scientific platform with five internal laboratories and space for an additional seven portable laboratories on deck.  Computers onboard have the capability to process real-time satellite images to aid in ice navigation, science planning, and weather forecasting.

POLAR SEA is also a unique platform used to support the Coast Guard's other missions in the polar regions.  The ship's icebreaking capabilities allow her to perform logistics, search and rescue, ship escort, environmental protection, and enforcement of laws and treaties in places most ships cannot reach.


POLAR SEA is in inactive commission in Seattle, Washington.