Commanding Officer
CAPT Robert S. Mohr

Command Philosophy


Public Affairs Officer:
ENS Andrew Suh


Mailing Address
Commanding Officer
Coast Guard Island
Alameda, CA 94501-5100


Telephone Number
Phone:  (510) 437-5902

USCGC Waesche crest.USCGC Waesche (WMSL-751)

Strength - Endurance - Service

Reporting Aboard

When you receive orders to WAESCHE, you will be assigned a sponsor and will receive their contact information in your Welcome Aboard message.  Make early contact with your sponsor in order to coordinate your arrival to the ship and to answer any questions. If you cannot reach your sponsor, contact the Base Alameda Point of Contact as provided in your Welcome Aboard message.  To ensure we are prepared for your arrival, check back with WAESCHE one to two business days prior to reporting.

Reporting Aboard Portal Page (CAC required)

Base Alameda Ombudsman