PACAREA LOGOUnited States Coast Guard Pacific Area

Alameda, California: Official Coast Guard City Guarding Our Homeland


" PACAREA's AOR encompasses six of the seven continents, 71 countries, and more than 74 million square miles of ocean - - from the U.S. Western States to Asia, and from the Arctic to Antarctica."


USCGC Bertholf (WMSL 750)


Our Command Staff

PACAREA Commander Commander
 Pacific Area
 Vice Admiral Linda L. Fagan

Deputy Commander Pacific Area Deputy Commander
 Pacific Area

 Rear Admiral Peter Gautier


  Chief of Staff
  Pacific Area

  CAPT James Estramonte


PACAREA Command Master Chief Command Master Chief  
 Pacific Area 
 CMC Heath Jones

PACAREA Chaplain Chaplain
 Pacific Area

 Captain Stephen Lee
 Reserve Chief of Staff
 Pacific Area

 Captain Franklin H. Schaefer
 Reserve Command Master Chief
 Pacific Area

 CMC Tim Beard

Latest News

September 28, 2020 - a. All 2021 and 2022 HYT candidates in paygrades E-3 to E-8 who apply for a waiver and meet all other eligibility requirements will be granted a waiver with the ability to advance. b. Members who do not submit a HYT waiver request must be separated IAW REF (B) and will retain authorized entitlements. c. Members in the paygrade E-9 remain ineligible for HYT waivers and must submit a retirement request in accordance with Section 3.G. and 3.H. of REF (B). d. Members granted a HYT waiver will adhere to all Coast Guard policies and processes, to include but not limited to reenlistment eligibility, assignments and separation authorities. e. The deadline for 2021 HYT candidates to submit a waiver request is 13 November 2020.
September 28, 2020 - Per ALCOAST Commandant Change Notice 109/20, effective 1 October 2020, the following SELRES bonuses and special pays are authorized. ALCOAST Commandant Change Notice 110/20 announces a bonus offer for eligible physician assistants who commission and affiliate with the Coast Guard SELRES as a designated DCPA to serve in a Port Security Unit (PSU) reserve physician assistant billet (Officer Specialty Code PHA10). 
September 28, 2020 - Members planning to transition into a civilian job after serving, or simply looking to broaden professional opportunities, are in luck. Your experience in the Coast Guard has given you training and skills that you can put to work for you outside of the service.
September 28, 2020 - Opportunities for reserve members to schedule drills have been impacted due to the disruptions of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This may result in reserve members being unable to obtain the required 70 retirement points for the Reserve Good Conduct Medal (RGCM) as required in Coast Guard Medals and Awards Manual, COMDTINST M1650.2E. A qualifying year will consist of 50 points rather than the normal 70 points. This modification will be in place from March 1, 2020, until a determined date in the future.
September 23, 2020 - All Coast Guard Reserve (ALCGRSV) message 059/20 announces reserve enlisted advancements authorized effective 1 October 2020.​
September 21, 2020 - This allowance may be authorized only for an enlisted member assigned to duty in a special organization or detail where the nature of the duty necessitates that he or she have, as a military requirement, additional quantities or special items of individual uniform clothing normally not required for most enlisted members in the same Service. An enlisted member who is entitled to this allowance will complete the Enlisted Supplementary Clothing Allowance Worksheet (CG-5155A).
September 21, 2020 - All Coast Guard Enlisted (ALCGENL) message 178/20 announces enlisted advancements authorized effective 1 October 2020.
September 18, 2020 - For the upcoming fiscal year, reservists are reminded that only select reserve (SELRES) members assigned to Port Security Units (PSU), Naval Coastal Riverine Squadrons (CORIVRON) and Naval Coastal Riverine Groups (CORIVGRU) are authorized to perform additional training period (ATP).