Captain rank imageCommanding Officer

The Commanding Officer (CO) is Captain Michele Schallip. Captain Schallip assumed command of HEALY in June, 2023. As CO, Captain Schallip is responsible for the overall safety of the ship and crew, as well as the successful completion of HEALY's assigned missions.

Commander rank imageExecutive Officer

The Executive Officer (XO) is Commander Patrick Armstrong. The XO is responsible for the day to day operations onboard the ship, as well as carrying out all the administrative tasks and responsibilities necessary in making HEALY's missions successful.

Commander rank imageOperations Officer

The Operations Officer (OPS) is Lieutenant Commander Jamie Greendyk. OPS oversees the daily operations of HEALY, including coordinating science mission support, information technology systems, and medical support.

Lieutenant Command rank imageEngineer Officer

The Engineer Officer (EO) is Lieutenant Commander Ryun Konze. The EO is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the most complex and technologically advanced power plant in operation within the Coast Guard. In addition, he provides support for all shipboard scientific hardware and equipment.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 rank imageFirst Lieutenant (Bos'n)

The First Lieutenant (BOSN) is Chief Warrant Officer Brian Williams. As the First Lieutenant, CWO Williams is responsible for the safety and coordination of all deck operations, science equipment deployments, and small boat operations.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 rank imageSupply Officer

The Supply Officer (SUPPO) is Chief Warrant Officer Jeffrey Masse. CWO Masse is responsible for all logistics, supply and support onboard HEALY. This includes such things as personnel administrative issues, procurement of supplies and the operation of the ship's galley.

Master Chief rank imageCommand Senior Chief

CSCS David Hoover is Healy's Collateral Duty Senior Enlisted Leader. Senior Chief Hoover serves as a direct representative to the Command of day-to-day activities on Healy and serve as a command liaison to the Chief Petty Officer Mess.