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Congratulations on your orders to the USCGC Harriet Lane (WMEC 903)! 

Your tour of duty onboard Harriet Lane will be rewarding. Our operational schedule typically consists of 60-90 day patrols followed by a 60-90 day inport period. We average about 185 days away from home port a year. During your tour you can expect to go on patrols in the South Pacific Ocean with port calls in Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, and a number of other remote islands and atolls!

Reporting Information

If the cutter is away from homeport when you arrive, members can expect arrangements to meet the cutter during a port call. Please let us know if you have a passport to better assist you in arranging your travel.

Base Honolulu provides administrative customer support for the Harriet Lane when the cutter is not at homeport. If cutter personnel cannot be reached, our customer service YN is YN2 Jennie Carandang and can be reached at (808) 842-2049.

The expected uniform when you report is Tropical Blue (Long) uniform with combination cover. The normal uniform of the day is ODUs.

When reporting in please be sure to have a copy of your PCS orders, your flight receipt, and DD 1747 (statement from housing office determining your housing eligibility). The SPO will delay reporting in a member if they do not receive all the proper documentation.

Temporary Lodging Allowance and Household Goods

As required by the CG Housing Manual, all members in receipt of permanent change of station orders are required to complete and submit DD form 1746, Application for Assignment to Housing, to their new unit's housing officer prior to receipt of final orders. Housing officers will assign members to government housing in conjunction with a PCS move, when housing is available and adequate. There are exceptions for homeowners and families with special family or medical needs. Should you have any questions regarding the release process or require additional housing referral support please contact

For Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) and Household Goods (HHG) delivery, you should receive a welcome aboard email from the Transportation Office. For questions or concerns regarding TLA entitlements and HHG delivery, please do not hesitate to contact the CG Base Honolulu Transportation Office via email at

Contact Information

Cutter Address:

Commanding Officer
850 Ticonderoga Street
Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, HI 96860

Mailing Address:

Commanding Officer
400 Sand Island Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96819


Yeoman: YN1 Jessica Kirk – Email:

Public Affairs Officer: LTJG Diop Harris - Email: