Mailing Address

Commanding Officer
P.O. BOX 190657
Kodiak, AK 99619

Telephone Number

 Phone: (907) 487-5616

Cutter Mission:

ALEX HALEY’s primary missions are search and rescue and living marine resource enforcement in the Bering Sea, including protection of a $13.9 billion Bering Sea fishing industry. This environment is one of the most challenging in the world, and experience gained aboard the cutter is unlike any sea service elsewhere. Expect to spend an average of 60 days underway, followed by 60 days inport, although our actual schedule fluctuates depending on operational commitments and other factors. Additionally, ALEX HALEY receives yearly docksides for maintenance and repairs that typically range from 6-10 weeks.

The cutter’s homeport in Kodiak, AK is co-located with CG Base Kodiak, one of the largest operational bases in the Coast Guard. The base is also the homeport of USCGC CYPRESS (WLB 210). Air Station Kodiak is home to two hangars that house and service the C-130 fixed wing aircraft, MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter, and MH-65 Dolphin helicopter.

Common Destinations/Ports of Call:

ALEX HALEY primarily operates in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, including the Maritime Boundary Line with Russia, the Aleutian Island Chain (including Dutch Harbor and Adak), and even as far north as the Arctic Circle. Occasionally, the cutter will venture as far west as the Sea of Japan, and as far south as San Diego or Hawaii.

Ratings Present:

GM, BM, YN, OS, MK, SK, ET, CS, IT, DC, HS, EM, and ME

Welcome Aboard Packages:

The Base Kodiak Relocation Assistance Manager may be contacted at (907) 487-5341. Relocation packages are only mailed upon request.

Welcome Aboard Messages:

Welcome aboard messages are sent to each new shipmate, including recruits. If the message is not received in time, recruits can contact the cutter at (907) 487-5616 and ask to speak to their sponsor coordinator, YN1 Jordan T. Walden. If there is no answer when you call, it means we are underway. In that case, send an email to and request the name of your sponsor.

Reporting Guidance:

When reporting aboard, maintain contact with your assigned sponsor, as they will be your main point of contact for your arrival to ALEX HALEY. They will show you to your assigned berthing and assist you in settling in. If your sponsor is not available, contact the OOD, who will fill the role of your sponsor temporarily. The sponsor will assist you through the check-in process.

Uniform of Report:

Operational Dress Uniform (ODU).   

If Sponsor Unavailable:

If you’re unable to reach your sponsor when calling or reporting aboard, ask for the OOD or Yeoman. Alternatively, Seaman can ask to speak to an available BM1 or BM2, and Fireman can ask to speak to an available MK1 or MK2.

If Unit Is Underway When Reporting:

Contact Base Kodiak Administrative Building (907) 487-5170, Ext. 6652, 6660, 6600, or 6659.

Personal Storage Space:

Each member has one small locker, storage space in their rack and storage space in the barracks.


All members with dependents are entitled to Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) as well as available Coast Guard Housing on Base Kodiak. Unaccompanied E-3 and below are able to stay in barracks on CG Base Kodiak.

In Kodiak, Coast Guard housing is mandatory until a release from housing request is completed (Form DD-1746). When the member receives their Form DD-1747, they are eligible to collect BAH upon checking in with their unit.


CG Base Kodiak offers 11 different styles of homes located in four different areas throughout the complex. Every one of these homes provides adequate family housing according to Coast Guard standards.

The Base Housing Office can be reached at (907) 487-5170, Ext. 6638, 6639, 6640, 6641, 6642, or 6643.

Living with Dependents:

Kodiak is a dependent-friendly assignment, with a majority of members with dependents living in Base Kodiak housing. The base has a large Child Development Center, and Work-Life maintains a list of Child Care providers who are Red Cross certified. If you live on base, your children will attend Peterson Elementary School. Seasonal sports activities are widely available including youth football, basketball, and soccer programs as well as summer camp programs including a salmon camp, rafting, and a teen center located in the gym. The Kodiak environment is very safe and family-oriented with extensive playgrounds located all over the base.

For most general questions, the best resource is the ALEX HALEY Ombudsman who can assist you and your family with questions about being stationed in Kodiak. They can be reached at


Rockmore-King Clinic services active duty service members only. The clinic front desk can be reached at (907) 487-5757. There is an after-hours duty telephone number for emergencies: (907) 942-4214.

Local Hospital Information:

Providence Kodiak Island Medical Clinic

1915 East Rezanof Drive
Kodiak Island, AK 99615
Phone: (907) 486-3281

Kodiak Community Health Clinic (Located in same building as PKIMC)

1911 East Rezanof Drive
Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone: (907) 481-5000

Public Schools:

Kodiak Island Borough School District provides education for children grades K-12. There are several elementary schools in the vicinity of the village, and Peterson Elementary is adjacent to CG Base Kodiak. Kodiak High School is located in the village of Kodiak.

Dr. Larry LeDoux, Superintendent

Beth Cole, Assistant Superintendent

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Address: 722 Mill Bay Road
Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone: (907) 486-7550
Fax: (907) 481-6255

Religious Denominations:

There are Catholic and Protestant Services on base and in town. There are services for most religious denominations in town and can be found at

MWR Facilities:

Kodiak MWR is dedicated to providing a wide array of services to CG families during their stay in Kodiak. Key amenities include a Child Development Center, pool, fitness center, movie theater, several restaurants, a bowling alley, and a gymnasium.

For those that love the great outdoors, the MWR has a variety of outdoor equipment available for rental as well. Additionally, the MWR operates a fleet of morale boats that can be rented by members who have completed the Alaska Boater Safety Course and have taken a written test at the boathouse. The boathouse facilities include equipment rentals and a fish processing house.

U.S. Coast Guard Kodiak Alaska - MWR Division
P.O. Box 195027
Bldg. 2 Storis Drive
Kodiak, AK 99619
Phone: (907) 487-5108

Base Kodiak - MWR Division (

Ferry Information:

Alaska Marine Highway System operates a ferry out of Homer that serves as a primary means of traveling with a personal vehicle to Kodiak.

The Homer Ferry Terminal can be contacted at (907) 945-3292.

For making reservations on the Alaska Marine Highway System, see the contact information below:

P.O. Box 112505 6858 Glacier Highway
Phone: (907) 465-3941 
Fax: (907) 465-8824
Juneau, Alaska 99811-2505