The District 17 Legal office provides command advice to the District Commander and the D17 AOR.

If inquiring about defense services, please contact one of the offices listed in the defense service contact sheet.

Defense Services Pamphlet

Defense Services


The District Seventeen legal assistance attorney provides timely and confidential advice and practical guidance regarding personal legal issues to service members on active duty or scheduled for deployment and their dependents; members and former members entitled to retired or retainer pay or equivalent pay and their dependents; officers of the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service who are on active duty and entitled to retired or equivalent pay and their dependents; and commissioned officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration when assigned to and performing duties with the Coast Guard, based on individual needs and at no cost.  These issues may involve family law, estate planning, consumer law, landlord-tenant matters, immigration, and other areas.  

Legal Assistance Pamphlet

Legal Assistance Intake Form

For an appointment with the Legal Assistance Attorney, Mr. Rich Harris, please contact the District Legal Office at (907) 463-2050.


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