Command Chief

EMC Kenneth W. Worrell

Chief Petty Officer Worrell enlisted in the Coast Guard in February of 2002. He was advanced to the rank of Chief Electrician's Mate in May of 2017.  He enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, motocross and auto mechanics.  He dedicates his off time to the local off-road community by helping organize and set up events to include: active trail restorations, joint clean-ups and the coordination of various camping trips. He also volunteers his personal time working with 4 Wheel Parts Corporation to sponsor bigger events for the larger local communities and clubs.  His close friends and even his wife refer to him as a "jack-of-all-trades" due to the handyman aptitude he possesses. 

A permanent cutterman, he has over eleven years of sea service and earned his Cutterman’s Insignia after serving aboard USCGC STEADFAST, USCGC HEALY, and USCGC KUKUI.  He is currently assigned as the Electrical Safety Officer and Command Chief onboard USCGC STEADFAST.  He earned his Boat Force's Insignia while assigned to Aids to Navigation Team Puget Sound.  His previous ashore units include Naval Engineering Support Unit Seattle and Healy Maintenance and Assist Team.

Chief Worrell's personal military decorations include two Coast Guard Achievement Medals, three Commandant’s Letter of Commendation ribbons, four Arctic Service Medals, five Coast Guard Good Conduct Medals, four CG Meritorious Team Commendation ribbons, and the Pistol Sharp Shooter Ribbon.