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Report marine emergencies to the nearest Coast Guard Sector office!

- Sector Columbia River / Portland (833) 769-8724

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13th Coast Guard District Local Notice to Mariners

United States Coast Guard Navigation Center Marine Safety Information

NOAA is in the process of sunsetting or ending the production of traditional paper charts. Click here to read more about this.

WAMS (Waterway Analysis Management System)


This analysis, officially known as a Waterways Analysis and Management System (WAMS) study, is a tool the CG uses to plan and implement our Aids to Navigation Program (ATON). WAMS are conducted every five years on each Federally designated "Navigable Waterway". Studies are normally announced in the USCG's, "Weekly Notice to Mariners," and occasionally by other additional means such as the media or via direct mailings. The USCG looks for two primary results from the WAMS; first and foremost, we look to see what may be done to enhance the safe navigation upon a waterway during the next five years. And secondly, we use the data we collect to anticipate and plan our budgeting process, at both the regional and national levels, over the same timeframe. 

In conducting a WAMS the report writer solicits user input, rides at least one USCG and commercial vessel (and if available, other DOD, Federal, State, Local govt. vessels) to view the waterway firsthand. They also review existing navigational literature (Charts, Coast Pilots, Light Lists, Sailing Directions, ...) used by the mariner on a waterway with an eye to accuracy. In general anything that "may" affect safe navigation on the waterway including, but not limited to, geological and other physical changes in the characteristics of the waterway (either manmade or natural), changing political or economic trends, accident (pollution/vessel) reoccurrence rates in the vicinity of any navigational aids or specific portion of a waterway, and sensitive military or environmental issues. The studies mandated by congress are a very important tool both for the Coast Guard and the Users. Your input is valuable and appreciated. 

Questionnaires and Completed WAMS Surveys:

WAMS questionnaires and completed WAMS surveys are available below in an Adobe (pdf) format.

Once you have completed your questionnaire please submit it by e-mail or paper mail to the WAMS Manager.

Areas Covered Questionnaires and Surveys
Straits of Juan De Fuca  
San Juan Is / Rosario Strait  
Lake Washington  
Puget Sound North  
Washington Coast - North / South  
Willapa Bay  Click here to read final report.
Grays Harbor  
Columbia River -  Entrance / Lower / Middle / Upper  - Click here to read final report.
- Camas Slough  - Closed for review.
Willamette River  
Snake River  
Lake Roosevelt  
Lake Coeur De Alene  
Lake Pend Oreille  
Lake Fort Peck  
Oregon Coast - North / Central / South  
Chetco River  
Coos Bay  
Coquille River  
Rogue River  
Siuslaw River  
Tillamook Bay  - Click here to take survey.
Umpqua River  
Yaquina Bay  - Click here to read final report.




















For information about the WAMS program for waterways within the 13th Coast Guard District (Washington and Oregon) contact the WAMS Manager. 

Commander (dpw)
13th Coast Guard District
915 2nd Avenue, Room 3510
Seattle, WA.  98174-1067
Attn: WAMS Manager
Phone: (206) 220-7283



Report discrepancies with marine aids to navigation to the nearest Coast Guard Sector office!

Portland (833) 769-8724 / Seattle (206) 217-6002