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Report marine emergencies to the nearest Coast Guard Sector office!

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13th Coast Guard District Local Notice to Mariners

United States Coast Guard Navigation Center Marine Safety Information

NOAA is in the process of sunsetting or ending the production of traditional paper charts. Click here to read more about this.


Below is a list of active Lighthouses located in Oregon and Washington. 

For more information refer to the United States Coast Guard Light List Volume VI or the USCG Navigation Center.

Light List Number Light Name Position Type
570 Pelican Bay Light 42-02-30.000N, 124-15-45.000W Private
595 Cape Blanco Light 42-50-13.288N, 124-33-49.147W Federal
620/9260 Umpqua River Light 43-39-44.258N, 124-11-54.719W Private
635 Heceta Head Light 44-08-14.715N, 124-07-41.582W Private
650 Yaquina Head Light 44-40-36.308N, 124-04-45.993W Federal
9613 Old Yaquina Bay Light 44-37-26.983N, 124-03-46.866W Private
Light List Number Light Name Position Type
695/9890 Cape Disappointment Light 46-16-32.830N, 124-03-07.768W Federal
700 North Head Light 46-17-56.064N, 124-04-40.732W Federal
720/15530 Grays Harbor Light 46-53-17.583N, 124-07-00.886W Federal
760/16145 Cape Flattery Light 48-23-31.169N, 124-44-12.950W Federal
16280 Ediz Hook Light 48-08-24.036N, 123-24-08.718W Federal
16335 New Dungeness Light 48-10-54.284N, 123-06-36.937W Federal
16375 Smith Island Light 48-19-06.379N, 122-50-37.737W Federal
16500 Marrowstone Point light 48-06-05.798N, 122-41-16.482W Federal
16550 Point No Point Light 47-54-43.785N, 122-31-36.528W Federal
16800 West Point Light 47-39-43.081N, 122-26-08.529W Federal
16915 Alki Point Light 47-34-34.582N, 122-25-13.982W Federal
17070 Robinson Point Light 47-23-17.278N, 122-22-27.805W Federal
17090 Browns Point Light 47-18-21.277N, 122-26-39.350W Federal
17400 Dofflemyer Point Light 47-08-25.870N, 122-54-26.170W Federal
18460 Mukilteo Light 47-56-55.484N, 122-18-22.470W Federal
19350 Burrows Island Light 48-28-40.584N, 122-42-48.764W Federal
19555 Cattle Point Light 48-27-02.310N, 122-57-48.009W Federal
19695 Lime Kiln Light 48-30-57.122N, 123-09-09.032W Federal
19790 Turn Point Light 48-41-19.632N, 123-14-14.635W Federal
19825 Patos Island Light 48-47-20.398N, 122-58-16.837W Federal


For information about lighthouses located within the 13th Coast Guard District (Oregon and Washington) contact the Lighthouse Coordinator. 


Commander (dpw)
13th Coast Guard District
915 2nd Avenue, Room 3510
Seattle, WA.  98174-1067
Attn: Lighthouse Coordinator
Phone: (206) 220-7283


Report discrepancies with marine aids to navigation to the nearest Coast Guard Sector office!

Portland (833) 769-8724 / Seattle (206) 217-6002