Welcome to Activities Far East (FEACT)

The U. S. Coast Guard has had a continuous presence in the Far East since 1947.  We operated long-range aids navigation systems for the Department of Defense until 1993.  On 13 December 1994, the Fourteenth Coast Guard District established USCG Activities Far East/Marine Inspection Office Asia (FEACT) in Japan.   At that time, FEACT also assumed responsibility for Marine  Inspection Detachment Singapore.  Today, FEACT leverages Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, National Defense and International Engagement.


The leader and innovator in marine safety and maritime security; achieving operational excellence and forging partnerships in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Provide marine safety and maritime security services to promote regional security and an uninterrupted Marine Transportation System through partnerships, innovation, and international engagement.

 Commander’s Philosophy


#BringIt          #OwnIt          #MakeItBetter


Here at Activities Far East, we have unique opportunities to leverage Coast Guard presence, partnerships, and our unique competence in vessel inspection and investigation, as well as port security to improve safety and security systems in the Asia-Pacific Region. To make the most of these opportunities, I plan to instill the following principles into FEACT operations and culture:


  • Bring it! We and our work are better when we all contribute. Your energy, skill, knowledge, leadership, ideas, and feedback are needed to maximize our effectiveness. In turn, I will ensure that FEACT's culture, systems and policies will stoke your creativity, value your individual contribution, look out for your personnel safety, and promote your professional development. #Bringit



  • Own it! We and our work are better when we are accountable for the outcome. This isn't something to run from, for each one of us is uniquely talented and positioned as professionals in military service to succeed. Mistakes will happen of course, but only through personal responsibility (not blame), humility, and commitment will lasting improvement take place. Don't let not owning it all stop you from doing your part; it could be that what gets accomplished is more about what you influenced, coached, supported or led with your team and our partners, than what you actually accomplished yourself. #Ownit



  • Make it Better! We and our work are more valuable when applied to improve systems, not just things. We will strive to establish and enhance systems that make fertile ground for continual improvement. Mature systems require less maintenance from us, freeing our resources to invest in enhancing systems elsewhere (making our work increasingly more efficient.) We will measure how we and the systems we invest in perform; and while we recognize that perfection is unattainable, this won't stop us from continually striving for it. #Makeitbetter