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District 11 Area of Responsibility (AOR) encompasses the state of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah and the ocean area to the outermost extent of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) bound by a line from the California-Oregon border to the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

D11(dr) oversees 4 Sectors in San Francisco, Los Angeles/Long Beach, and San Diego and Humboldt Bay. D11(dr) is responsible for over 1000 miles of shoreline from the California-Oregon state line to the Mexico border and 73 Federal waterways, including Lake Tahoe, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, and the Colorado River.

Eleventh District Group, Sectors and Bouy Tenders

SECTOR Humboldt Bay (707) 839-6100
SECTOR San Francisco (415) 399-3417
SECTOR San Diego (619) 278-7281
SECTOR Los Angeles/ Long Beach (562) 980-4444
USCGC ASPEN (WLB 206) (415) 399-3590
USCGC GEORGE COBB (WLM 564) (310) 521-4580