If you are in need of immediate assistance, contact any of the below:

  • Sector Western Alaska Command Center: 907-428-4100
  • Local 911
  • Coast Guard on VHF-FM channel 16 (marine-band radio)

Sector Western Alaska and US Arctic Logo

Contact Information
Address Telephone  24-Hour Command Center
U. S. Coast Guard
Sector Western Alaska & U.S. Arctic
Building 49000, Guard Road
JBER, AK 99505
Phone: 907-428-4200
Fax:  907-428-4114

Phone:  907-428-4100
Command Center email:


Captain of the Port - Sector Western Alaska & U.S. Arctic

Sector Western Alaska & U.S. Arctic is the Coast Guard's largest sector in terms of geographic area, exercising authority in a jurisdiction extending through-out Western Alaska, The North Slope, and the Aleutian Islands through Prince William Sound.  Sector Western Alaska & U.S. Artcic has several subordinate units, which include Marine Safety Units Valdez, Dutch Harbor, and Kodiak, several Cutters and an Aids To Navigation Team. Sector Western Alaska & U.S. Arctic's missions include, but are not limited to search and rescue, pollution prevention & response, waterways management, port security, vessel inspections, and investigations. In 2014, Sector Anchorage was relocated from downtown Anchorage to a state-of-the-art facility attached to the Alaska National Guard Armory on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. On April 19, 2024, Sector Anchorage was renamed to Sector Western Alaska & U.S. Arctic.

Report marine Casualties, Oil Spills, and Suspicious Incidents

To Report an Oil Spill or Suspicious Activity contact The National Response Center (NRC):

To report a marine casualty, call the Sector Western Alaska Command Center at (907) 428-4100. The Coast Guard conducts investigations following marine casualties to determine the causal and contributing factors that led to the incident. This allows the Coast Guard to potentially save lives in the future by identifying what went wrong and how it can be avoided in the future.

Marine Casualty Reporting