Reporting Aboard USCGC KISKA

Buenas and Hafa Adai!

Overseas Screening:

Upon receiving PCS orders to KISKA, you are required to complete an Overseas Screening in accordance with part 1.H.2 of COMDTINST M1000.8 (series), Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual and PSCINST 1300. Ensure all required completed documents (CG-1300, CG-1300a, CG-1300b, and CG-3307 A&T-6) are emailed to d14-smb-basehono-p-d14-overseasentry and Sector Guam SPO personnel (listed in your Welcome Aboard message).


Single personnel E-4 and below, without dependents will reside at the Naval Base Guam (NBG) barracks. Those members whom are ranked E-5 and above, and without dependents will reside on the local economy. Members with dependents should look to coordinate with the NBG Housing Service Center to live in military housing. When government quarters are not available and/or if you stay in a hotel while looking for a residence, Temporary Lodging Allowance is authorized for no more than thirty days. Personnel in this situation should contact Navy Gateway Inns & Suites by calling (671) 339-5259. If no vacancy, the member must obtain a certificate of non-availability before arranging for a hotel.


Coordinate your arrival with your sponsor. Make sure your sponsor has your travel itinerary. Uniform for reporting is Tropical Blue Long unless otherwise noted by your sponsor.

Medical Care:

Medical Facilities are provided on board Naval Station Guam at the COMNAVMAR Medical Clinic and off base at the Guam Naval Hospital. These facilities are adequate for general medical care. Members must check-in with the hospital within two weeks of reporting.

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