USCGC Sequoia (WLB-215)


CGC Sequoia's Seal 

USCGC Sequoia Seal




The sequoia tree, the cutter’s namesake, embodies strength and stability. Black and white alludes to night and day, around the clock vigilance. The black also underscores the black pearl of the motto. The buoys highlight SEQUOIA’s primary mission to maintain aids to navigation. These buoys mark the channels, harbors and shoals ensuring safe transit of all vessels. The configuration of the shield with the white shapes coming in from each side brings to mind a channel, location of many of the buoys. 


The ancient Latte Stones are found nowhere else in the world except the Marianas which includes Guam, homeport of the WLB 215. The gold dragon and crab represent the ratings: the Order of the Golden Dragon and the Status as Shellback, which the SEQUOIA will receive when she crosses the dateline and equator during her maiden voyage. The black sphere represents a black pearl. The compass rose highlights direction and the search and rescue mission of the cutter.


The crossed swords imply cooperation and defense of the homeland. They represent SEQUOIA’s maritime law enforcement, homeland security and pollution response missions.