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Sector Honolulu's Logo


Operational Excellence ~ Partnership and Collaboration ~ Looking after each other 


Mailing Address:


Sector Honolulu

400 Sand Island Parkway

Honolulu, HI  96819-4326


Phone: (808) 843-3811



Command Philosophy



  • Build a strong and resilient workforce by taking care of our colleagues and their families.
  • Provide relevant and rewarding professional development opportunities.
  • Be humble.  Show compassion and forgiveness.  Have a sense of humor.


  • Treat others honorable and with respect.
  • Continually work to be experts in our tradecraft.    
  • Encourage, value and support career aspirations and upward mobility opportunities.


  • Nurture and strengthen internal and external partnerships.
  • Capitalize on sharing good ideas and best practices of others.    
  • Collaborate to maximize strengths and minimize limitations.


Emergency Contact Numbers

District 14 Command Center (24x7)

(800) 331-6176

District 14 Command Center Hotline (Recording)

(808) 535-3222


Sector Honolulu(24x7)

(808) 842-2600

Sector Guam (24x7)

(671) 355-4910

Other Emergency Numbers

National Response Center

(800) 424-8802

Police/Fire/Ambulance Emergency