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Command Philosophy

Philosophies of Command vary from person to person.  They are developed over time and, like fingerprints, they identify who we are and where we have been.  This is my effort to articulate some of those things that are personally and professionally important to me as your Sector Commander here in paradise.  It's a glimpse into my personal value, what has made me successful, and gives you something to use as a guide for your actions while at this Command.


I have chosen to use local Hawaiian terms to emphasize the fact that each and every one of us should embrace the local communities and culture anywhere we are stationed.  And I ask that you view each of these terms from three perspective:  (1) Personally - how it applies to you, (2) Internally within OUR unit - how you apply it throughout our Sector and sub-units, and (3)  Externally - how we interact with the public and our greater community of state and local inter-agency partners, as well as, the maritime industry and general public.


OHANA:  Those who are family and those you choose to call family.

We have all heard this term here in Hawai'i and it embodies the aloha spirit.  First and foremost, you should know that I consider everyone at Sector Honolulu as part of my Ohana.  We live in the most geographically isolated major metropolitan city on Earth - and we do not have the support systems that we would normally enjoy on the mainland.  We need to depend on one another more than most units in Our Service.  Like all families there will be times when everyone may not agree with one another or have a different way of doing things - we can have "family differences" but in the end:  we all support one another, empower everyone to grow and find success as we all work to strengthen our Ohana.  If anyone at Sector Honolulu does not feel like they belong in our Ohana - I need to know about it and why!


MALAMA:  To take care of, to serve, to protect and watch over.

This is an aspect of leadership that I personally abide by and it is our mandate to execute from all three perspectives that I asked you to consider above.  Malama embodies the Coast Guard's Core Values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty:  We take care of our shipmates and our unit.  We serve the public by defending the homeland and keeping all Pacific ports safe.  We watch over the maritime community and protect the environment.  We will always be the brightest light during the darkest hours for those in peril on our seas. 


KULEANA:  Personal sense of responsibility - sacred duty.

I associate this term specifically with mission execution.  We should all have that personal sense of responsibility to be the best Coast Guardsman possible, to train and be ready to act in a moment’s notice.  Your kuleana will compel you to have a bias for action when faced with tough decisions and help you help others - whether that be your fellow Coasties, our Partners, or the community and public we serve.


Emergency Contact Numbers

District 14 Command Center (24x7)

(800) 331-6176

District 14 Command Center Hotline (Recording)

(808) 535-3222


Sector Honolulu(24x7)

(808) 842-2600

Sector Guam (24x7)

(671) 355-4910

Other Emergency Numbers

National Response Center

(800) 424-8802

Police/Fire/Ambulance Emergency