Aloha Nui Loa!

The history of the Coast Guard presence on Maui is relatively short but distinguished. In 1964 the Coast Guard assigned the 95' Coast Guard Cutter CAPE ROSIER to patrol the waters of Maui County. In 1969 it was replaced by the cutter CAPE NEWAGEN and then in 1983 the cutter CAPE CORWIN came to service in Maui waters. In September of 1990 the CAPE CORWIN was decommissioned and Coast Guard STATION MAUI was established. The CAPE CORWIN was the last cutter to be stationed on the Valley Isle.

STATION MAUI operated two boats, CG246005 and CG25520, until the 24' RHIB was replaced by the Motor Life Boat (MLB) 47313 in 2007. With the assignment of the MLB to STATION MAUI, the operational area expanded from approximately 1,000 square miles bounded by the four islands of Maui County to the 7,000 square miles of all windward and leeward Maui County.

In 2010 the MLB was replaced by a new Response Boat-Medium (RB-M) 45613. This RB-M was augmented with a second RB-M, CG 45719 in 2013. Both RB-Ms and the Response Boat Small now provide Maui County waters with fast response capabilities for the demanding variety of Coast Guard missions on Maui.