U.S. Coast Guard
Forces Micronesia / Sector Guam
Sector Guam Command Leaders in front of Sector Guam's Unit Sign

How to Reach Us

Mailing Address:Coast Guard Forces Micronesia Sector Guam Crest
U.S. Coast Guard
Forces Micronesia/Sector Guam
PSC 455 Box 176
FPO AP 96540-1056

Physical Address:
U.S. Coast Guard
Forces Micronesia/Sector Guam
1 Victor Pier
Santa Rita, GU 96915


Emergency Numbers

Sector Guam........................... (671) 355-4824

National Response Center..... 1-800-424-8802

Police/Fire/Ambulance Emergency Number


On-Base Emergency Number....... (671) 333-4357

Sector Guam OOD Office............... (671) 339-3414

Sector Guam OOD Cell.................. (671) 687-0277

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Command Philosophy 

‘People Fundamentally’

People are the building blocks of every great organization. They engineer the success, the accomplishment, and the legacy. Take care of your shipmates; be an intrusive leader, never a bystander; treat every member of the team with the respect with which you expect to be treated. Uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and support the clear Coast Guard mandates of eradicating sexual assault and harassment from our Service while also embracing diversity.
Additionally, take care of yourself and your family (they’re also part of the unit). A Coast Guardsman who does not care for themselves cannot be expected to care for others or perform the mission. Ensure you exercise, eat right, rest, nurture your beliefs and faith, and attend to your professional development. Seek out and embrace leadership opportunities as they present themselves, including in the community.

‘Unit Resolutely’

Unlike most other Coast Guard units, where help and support are minutes or hours away, it is incumbent upon our team to be self-sufficient, forward leaning and resourceful. It is imperative that we resolutely pursue what is best for the unit and our partners. Through diligent execution of training, maintenance, planning and coordination, coupled with dedication to the principles of organizational risk management, we will ensure Sector Guam is prepared for any event or contingency.
In every circumstance, seek out opportunities to contribute to the unit (whether it’s Sector proper or a subordinate unit). Lend a hand on a task with another Department or Division; recommend a resiliency or beautification project; take the initiative to cross-train for a new responsibility, particularly something outside of your expertise and comfort zone. Be diligent in the pursuit of your qualifications, studying for end of course tests, conducting maintenance, serving your customers, working with our partners, and generally mastering your craft. Your time is yours; use it wisely!!

‘Mission Relentlessly’

We are assigned to Guam as a crew for one purpose: execute our missions. On any given day, the scope of that responsibility could vary widely, to include anything from law enforcement to vessel inspections to liaison with our partners. Relentlessly prepare yourself and your teams in every way to meet the immediate demands of any mission, whether as a coxswain, inspector, command center watch stander, boarding team member, or administrator. Know your responsibilities, and the responsibilities of those around you. Recognize that when we take care of our people, and dedicate ourselves to the health of the unit, efficient, timely and safe execution of the mission are a natural consequence.