The Contingency Planning and Force Readiness Staff is responsible for preparing and maintaining the unit’s all-hazards contingency response plans. Some of these are the unit Heavy Weather Plan, the Area Maritime Security Plan, a Continuity of Operations Plan, and seven Subarea Contingency Plans. The staff also organizes and directs various exercises to evaluate and test these plans. Much of the staff’s work involves cooperating with other government agencies at the federal, state, and local level, along with the maritime stakeholders in the Sector Anchorage area of responsibility. Additionally the staff is charged with organizing and coordinating the Sector Ready for Operations program. This is a comprehensive assessment of the training and readiness of the one small boat station, one aids to navigation team, and three patrol boats that fall under the Sector's responsibility.

Subarea Contingency Planning Meeting Schedule

The subarea contingency plan meetings are open to local stakeholders - community leaders, tribal leaders, borough representatives, and other interested federal, state, and local agencies. Agenda's will be sent to invitee's prior to the meeting. If you wish to receive an invite, please contact the USCG Sector Anchorage planning staff at 907-428-4192 or 4111.

Western Alaska Subarea Contingency Plan Review Status

In the State of Alaska, there are 10 subarea contingency plans that supplement the Unified Plan (found at the Alaska Regional Response Team website) of which 7 fall under Sector Anchorage's area of responsibility. Currently all subarea plans are on a 5 year review schedule for major reviews. Minor changes (i.e. updating points of contact or information corrections) are on an as needed basis.

Subarea Last Major Review Next Major Review Comments
North Slope 2012 2017  
NW Arctic 2012 2016  
Western Alaska 2013 2018  
Bristol Bay 2013 2018  
Aleutians 2014 2019  
Kodiak Island April 2010 2016  
Cook Inlet May 2010 2015  


Name Role Phone
LCDR Matthew Hobbie Chief, Contingency Planning & Force Readiness 907-428-4111
MSTCS John Rice Subarea Plans & COOP 907-428-4153
BMC Stephen Braun Ready For Operations 907-428-4211
Mr. John Farthing Area Maritime Security Specialist 907-428-4212