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Union Pacific Railroad Bridge
Official name: Benicia-Martinez Railroad Drawbridge

Bridge Location

The UP Bridge crosses the Carquinez Strait at mile 7.0, between Martinez and Benicia, CA. The railroad bridge lies between the Interstate 680 Northbound (upstream) and Southbound (downstream) highway bridges. The drawbridge span is shown with a red diamond on the map at the bottom of this page.


The official name for this drawbridge is the Benicia-Martinez Railroad Drawbridge across the Carquinez Strait, mile 7.0, at Martinez, CA. But, San Francisco Bay Region mariners usually call it the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge, or the UP Bridge. On this webpage, this is what we'll call it.  

The UP Bridge Communications Protocol is designed to make your transit through the drawbridge lift span predictable, safe, and efficient. The protocol standardizes radiotelephone communications between the bridge and approaching vessels.

The protocol has proven to increase safety and reduce unnecessary delays to vessel and train traffic.


Communications Protocol, 8.5" x 11" page

Communications Protocol, pocket-size 

Communications Examples





Union Pacific Railroad Drawbridge (Benicia-Martinez Railroad Drawbridge) lift span shown with the red diamond.