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The nation's waterways contain more than 100,000 federal and private aids to navigation.  The Coast Guard is responsible for ensuring waterways are as safe, effective, and efficient as possible and WAMS is one of the tools available to assist in accomplishing this mission.

The WAMS ensures that current aids are necessary elements of the ATON system in particular waterways.  It also evaluates the aids to determine their effectiveness, which often leads to alterations of technical aspects of the aids and establishment or disestablishment of aids in order to meet changing needs in waterways.

District Eleven WAMS Units

  • Sector SAN DIEGO

WAMS Completion Tools

A completion guide is available for units completing a WAMS assignment.  This guide offers instruction on the background of the WAMS, recommendations for thorough analysis of waterways, and direction in drafting the final written report. 

To assess the criticality of a particular waterway, a criticality worksheet is available for assistance use the criticality determination guide.  A waterway may be Navigationally Critical, Environmentally Critical, Militarily Critical, a combination of the three, or non-critical.  Depending upon the criticality, the more important the results of the WAMS review for safe navigation of the mariner.

If you are completing an assigned WAMS or have questions concerning waterways or the impact of particular aids to navigation, please contact the WAMS Officer for assistance.  The District Eleven WAMS Intranet Site is also extremely helpful to field units conducting WAMS surveys!

Current WAMS Initiatives

None At This Time