Welcome to Motor Lifeboat Station Humboldt Bay

Station Humboldt Bay's area of responsibility encompasses the a large portion of the coastline of Humboldt County and a small portion of southern Del Norte county. The station's crew is responsible for protecting life and property in over 5,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean.

Station Humboldt Bay is one of 21 surf stations in the Coast Guard. Surf Stations are required where surf greater than 8 feet occurs 10% (36 days) or greater each year. Our station is located on Humboldt Bay, home to one of the most treacherous bar entrances in California. The entrance to Humboldt Bay is the site of many famous shipwrecks and has had Coast Guard presence since 1856.


  The 47-foot Motor Lifeboat is the workhorse of the Coast Guard's Heavy Weather fleet. It is primarily designed as a fast response rescue craft capable of conducting operations in high seas, surf, and heavy weather environments. These boats are built to withstand the most severe conditions at sea and are capable of effecting a rescue under the most extreme conditions. They are self-righting, self-bailing, almost unsinkable, and have a long cruising range.




Originally developed as a replacement for over 300 shore-based non-standard boats, the Response Boat - Small (RB-S) has additionally become the platform to increase the long term Homeland Security capability at shore stations in the wake of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. The RB-S is very similar to the rapidly procured RB-HS boat, but with dozens of improvements to include a reinforced bow, full shock mitigating seating, a larger cabin, and LED navigation lights. The RB-S is being produced at over 100 boats per year and will eventually replace all shore-based non-standard boats and the RB-HS boats. The RB-S acquisition may provide up to 700 standard response boats, making it one of the largest boat buys of its type in the world.