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13th Coast Guard District Local Notice to Mariners

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US Coast Guard Sector North Bend, OR

Sector Lithograph


The headquarters of Sector North Bend are located in North Bend, Oregon.  These offices oversee all operations of Sector North Bend units.  They also support the operational units by providing administrative, supply, medical, engineering, and communications services.  

This Sector guards the Oregon coast through the aggressive and professional prosecution of all Coast Guard missions.  We safeguard our homeland at all costs.  We conduct Search and Rescue as if we are assisting our own loved ones.  We enforce the law with a balanced respect for both the law and those upon whom it is being enforced.  We protect the environment with the clear understanding that the quality of people's lives, and livelihoods, depends on diligent stewardship of our nation's maritime resources.  We accomplish these, and all our other missions, through vigilance, tenacity, teamwork, a commitment to service and the unwavering pursuit of operational excellence.

Sector North Bend has integrated members of the Coast Guard Reserve into every facet of the Sector's operations, and maintains an active liaison with Coast Guard Auxiliarists on the central and southern Oregon coast.

Area of Responsibility

Group AOR

Our area of responsibility (AOR) encompasses 220 miles of shoreline extending from Pacific City, Oregon, south to the California border, west to the 50nm offshore, and east to the I-5 corridor. Sector North Bend's coastal AOR is subdivided in responsibility to the six motor lifeboat stations.

Sector Resources

  • One 110' Island Class Cutter
  • One Air Station
  • One Air Facility (Newport, OR)
  • Five MH-65D Dolphin Helicopters
  • Six Motor Lifeboat Stations
  • Two Seasonal Search & Rescue Detachments
    (Bandon & Gold Beach)
  • One Aids to Navigation Maintenance Team

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