U.S. Vessel Information



Overseas Inspection Fees


An Over Seas Inspection Fee of $4,585.00 US is required by 46CFR 2.10-120.  Please ensure this payment is delivered to the below address prior to the scheduled inspection.  The remittance must include the vessel's name and the Official Number on it.  Requirements for proper payment are listed below:

  1. Payment to be made in US Currency.
  2. Payment to be made on US Bank Check.
  3. Check must be made out to the U.S. Treasury.
  4. The vessel’s name and number must be on the check.

Payments should be sent to the following address:     

Commander  U.S. Coast Guard Activities Far East
Yokota Air Base  Building 714, Room140
Fussa-shi, Tokyo 197-0001  


Application Form for Inspection of U.S. Vessel 

Chemical Testing Program Audit form (A) 

Vessel Inspection User Fees (VIF)


Please visit USCG Finance Center's website below: