EM1 Espinosa’s concentration could not be broken while working on his masterpiece during the Paint Night.
MSTC Winegar gives the signal to bring in the CTD rosette from over the side and set it on deck.
LT O’brien instructs SA Baker-Rodriguez and BM3 Shoopman on proper firefighting techniques during emergency response drills.
CSCS Wheeler and CS1 Densmore pin on CS3 Trudell’s new rank insigna following his advancement.
Two members of HEALY’s 1702 science party work to complete their sampling at a science station.
LTJG Brian Hagerty and BMCM Andrea Martynowski show Senator Dan Sullivan the navigation equipment HEALY uses while underway in the Arctic.
HEALY crewmembers take a break from combing the beach to enjoy the beautiful Alaskan day.
EM1 Omar Zaldivar poses with his “catch of the day”.
CAPT Tlapa congratulates LTJG Lash upon receiving the Coast Guard Achievement Medal.
CAPT Tlapa and Chief Scientist explain some of the unmanned maritime systems HEALY tested in the Arctic to the Mayor of Nome and local tribal representatives.
HEALY’s crew and the 1701 science crew assemble on the flight deck for a group photograph.
MST1 Sean Carrillo gives the “take-off” signal to the HH-60 during flight operations.
HEALY’s deck crew set a NOAA buoy in the Arctic Ocean in support of the 1701 science mission.
CS1 Densmore and CS3 Jackson present CS3 Taylor his new rank insignia, Petty Officer Third Class.
CAPT Tlapa congratulates BMCS Cichoracki as he is awarded the Coast Guard Commendation Medal.
BM2 Wells uses a tag-line to guide part of the hyperbaric chamber aboard HEALY in Seward, AK.
A crewmember prepares to catch a heaving line for towing operations.
ETCS Brian Moller painting a masterpiece during the Morale paint-along.
HEALY operating in the ice at night using searchlights.
EM1 Espinosa and EMCM Hudson replacing a cycloconverter circuit card.


Contact "Seattle Traffic" Vessel Traffic Center : (206)217-6151   24 hours a day.


The Vessel Traffic Center is located at Pier 36 in Seattle and monitors the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Rosario Strait, Admiralty Inlet, and Puget Sound south as far as Olympia. Since 1979, the U.S. Coast Guard has worked cooperatively with the Canadian Coast Guard in managing vessel traffic in adjacent waters. Through the Cooperative Vessel Traffic Service (CVTS), two Canadian Vessel Traffic Centers work hand in hand with Puget Sound Vessel Traffic Service. Prince Rupert MCTS (Marine Communications and Traffic Services) manages the area west of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. North of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, through Haro Strait, to Vancouver, B.C. is managed by VICTORIA MCTS. The three Vessel Traffic Centers communicate via a computer link and dedicated telephone lines to advise each other of vessels passing between their respective zones.



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