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Vessel Traffic Service San Francisco

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Bob Blomerth, Director

Before Vessel Traffic Service San Francisco, Bob Blomerth worked at US Coast Guard District 11 headquarters on Coast Guard Island, Alameda, CA. There, he served as Towing Vessel Program Coordinator, a position he held for nine years. Prior to that, Bob Blomerth was active duty in the US Navy for six years, and in the US Army for 24 years.  While in the US Navy, he was stationed aboard the submarine USS Seawolf, SSN575. On the USS Seawolf, he worked as an Electronics Technician Petty Officer First Class. After leaving the USS Seawolf, Bob Blomerth inter-service-transferred to the US Army, where he attended Warrant Officer Candidate School.  After graduation, he was assigned as a deck officer and vessel master on US Army vessels. In 2004, Bob Blomerth took over as Office-in-charge of the US Army Maritime Integrated Training System on Mare Island, Vallejo, CA. In 2008 Bob Blomerth retired from the US Army, then sailed as captain on an ATB for United Ocean until he started with US Coast Guard District Eleven.