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Sector Humboldt Bay

Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay serves the public along 250 miles of rugged coastline from the Mendocino-Sonoma County line north to the California-Oregon border.

Cold Pacific currents, powerful Alaskan winter storms, towering offshore rocks, fog, and dangerous harbor entrance bars consistently threaten commercial and recreational vessels operating in the area.

The Command Center located at Sector Humboldt Bay monitors for distress 24 hours a day and directs Coast Guard boats and aircraft to respond to any maritime emergency in the region; along the coast, well offshore, or even inland. The Sector also works with many local, state and federal agencies as needed.

Address: 1001 Lycoming Ave, Mckinleyville, CA 95519

Non-emergency: 707-839-6103

Emergency (staffed 24/7): 707-839-6113