Sector San Diego

  Guardians of the Southwest

Sector San Diego:

  • Has an Area of Responsibility spanning 120 miles of coastline, 750 miles of the Colorado River, and the U.S.— Mexico southwest maritime border.
  • Encompasses a Tier 1 Strategic Port with ~300M tons of cargo supporting ~$7B economy
  • Oversees $4.6 billion in new ship construction at the largest deep draft vessel construction yard in the US.

Each Year We:

  • Perform safety inspections on 620 domestic vessels 
  • Oversee the safety of ~1.2M commercial maritime passengers
  • Maintain 97 aids to navigation
  • Participate in approximately 250 Search and Rescue cases
  • Save ~150 lives
  • Seize over $2.5 million worth of illegal narcotics
  • Assist ~250 mariners in distress
  • Apprehend ~1,200 illegal aliens
  • Save ~$1 million in property
  • Respond to and investigate over 230 pollution cases
  • Conduct over 150 Marine Safety Harbor Patrols
  • Investigate ~150 Marine Casualties