Command Chief's Biography

BMC Raymond C. Anderson

Command Chief
USCGC Mellon (WHEC 717)

BMC is from Bellingham, Washington and is currently living in Everson, Washington. He has three children Brent, Kelsi and Shane and is in a relationship with Samantha Moa who has 4 children of her own Olivia, Ella, Dylan and Emily.

BMC career has been on the West Coast and Alaska. Upon graduating Basic Training he was stationed at Surf Station Tillamook Bay, OR where he advanced from SN to BM2 and earned his Heavy Weather Coxswain Qualification on the MLB. He was then stationed at Station Ketchikan, AK where he was the Operations and Training Petty Officer and advanced to E6. He then transferred to Maritime Safety and Security Team 91111 in Anchorage Alaska where he decommissioned the unit and was transferred to the CGC SPAR in Kodiak Alaska. After 6 months on the SPAR he conducted a mutual transfer to North Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center (NPRFTC) due to a family emergency. In 2013 he advanced to Chief Boatswains Mate and was selected to be the Executive Petty Officer of STA Neah Bay, WA where he served from 2014-2017. From 2017 to present he has been stationed as the Navigation Chief aboard the CGC MELLON.

BMC earned an associates of applied science degree prior to joining the Coast Guard. He is currently working towards a Criminal Justice degree.