USCGC Mellon (WHEC 717)




Mission Execution

We must be ready to answer all mission demands. We will do our absolute best to answer the call to duty through maintenance, training, and leadership. Train and empower your subordinates, haul them up to the next level of qualification and help them learn how to be the next cutterman in your job. Mission execution is why we are onboard MELLON, but we will not compromise safety at any time. We operate in a dangerous environment, we will practice sound Operational Risk Management, to ensure we understand and mitigate risk to the best of our ability. We cannot effectively execute missions without a crew that is ready for the next challenge.

Culture of Inclusion and Professionalism

Every person onboard MELLON brings a unique perspective and background. We will draw on the talents of each person to help them to achieve their greatest potential. Hold yourselves to the highest standards of conduct. The Coast Guard has earned the public's trust and respect, but that can quickly be eroded. Ensure your actions both on duty and off are aligned with the Coast Guard Core Values.


Look out for each other. A minor correction early can often avoid a catastrophic event later on. We will achieve greatness together, as a team, but without strong teamwork and being good shipmates, challenges will overwhelm us. Lend a hand when needed and before being asked. MELLON will take you away from your family and life ashore for a good portion of the year, when we are home we must complete needed maintenance and training, but we must also ensure we taking care of our personal lives and families. Devote time to yourself and your family. If we do not have balance in our lives, we will falter when stressed.

Value the Experience

As cuttermen assigned aboard a MELLON we can be called on to deploy anywhere in the world on short notice. Look for the adventure of what is beyond the horizon. Embrace the unique lessons that you learn as a person, a leader, and as a technical specialist. We will sail through fair weather and foul, but we will experience that together, as shipmates.

Captain Jonathan Musman
Commanding Officer, USCGC MELLON (WHEC 717)