Command Philosophy


Train Towards Excellence: We have the great fortune to be assigned to a proud ship steeped in Coast Guard history. Whether rescuing 400 passengers and crew from the luxury liner MS PRISENDAM or her recent drug interdictions in the East Pacific, MELLON has been able to accomplish exceptional things due to her crew's commitment to excellence. We must continue that commitment by training and preparing to answer that next great challenge that will come our way. We will succeed or fail together and I need your help to continue MELLON's proud tradition of excellence.


Core Values: We must be committed to the Coast Guard's Core Values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty each day. Through our actions and by holding each other accountable, regardless of title or rank, there will be no ambiguity or questions regarding who the rules and regulations apply to.


Lead by Example: We have been entrusted with tremendous responsibility as the crew of CGC MELLON. Hold yourselves to the highest standards and be the example for your shipmates to look up to, emulate and aspire to. Render all honors and salutes smartly, stand a taut watch, maintain professional relationships, never falter as a leader and always remember that the moment we think that our Shipmates aren't watching, is the exact moment when they are.


Stewardship: Take care of one another. Get involved in each other's lives and push each other to achieve great things. Teach your subordinates how to do your job while excelling in their own. Push them towards advancement, qualifications, and furthering their education. Know the important things in your Shipmates' lives and be ready to lend a helping hand when one is needed.


Pride in MELLON: MELLON is our home away from homeport. She represents us as a crew and provides others with a clear message as to who we are as professionals. This requires a significant investment from each of us to keep her looking and operating in a manner befitting her proud history and your professionalism.


Alcohol: Be responsible and help your Shipmates steer clear of shoal water. Irresponsible behavior, underage drinking or condoning it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Make the most out of your time aboard MELLON: We have the best job in the world and opportunities to have fun surround us every day. Be a catalyst for a positive working environment, participate during morale events and help us make lasting memories of our time spent aboard MELLON.

Captain Stephen V. Burdian

Commanding Officer, USCGC MELLON (WHEC 717)