Tending Da Kine With Aloha


Image of CGC Walnut's Seal 

Welcome Aboard

Photo of CGC Walnut and the SunsetHomeported in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, CGC JUNIPER is a 225-foot multi-mission sea going buoy tender whose missions include aids to navigation, maritime law enforcement, marine environmental protection, homeland defense, military readiness, and search and rescue. Our primary area of responsibility includes buoys off of all of the major Hawaiian Islands – we work each of the islands on a regular basis – and American Samoa, which we work bi-annually. However, Juniper also visits various island nations in the South Pacific. The crew of Juniper is comprised of eight officers and forty enlisted members, including the following rates: BM, MK, EM, DC, ET, HS, YN, FS and SK. Juniper is also one of six cutters Coast Guard wide with a working dive team.

Few ports can match the availability of military facilities in and around Honolulu, the "crossroads of the Pacific.” Juniper moors at Base Honolulu on Sand Island in Honolulu Harbor, and the base has a gym, clinic, exchange, a mobile MWR ticket/rental office (great for outer island tours!) and an all-hands club. Nearby and even closer to Coast Guard housing are Joint Base Hickam and Pearl Harbor that has very extensive facilities. There are also military golf courses, the Army’s Hale Koa Hotel in the heart of Waikiki Beach, and an assortment of morale cabins on both sides of the island.

Hawaii is separated from the mainland by over 2,300 miles, making it the most isolated population center in the world. But don’t let that fool you. As the capital of Hawaii and a city of 378,000 people, Honolulu has all of the amenities of any major metropolis including several malls and most of the stores you’ll find on the mainland. But just minutes from town you’ll find a variety of outstanding hiking trails, beaches for any number of water sports, deep sea sport fishing, a waterslide park, and a great night life in Waikiki. To sample Hawaii’s unique culture, you can check out the historic Bishop Museum or visit the attractions at the Polynesian Cultural Center, including a luau at night. With no ethnic majority, Hawaii is the most diverse state in the U. S. and the islands have developed into a unique mixture of tropical allure and a melting pot of cultures.

Another sure cure for “island fever” includes spectator sports and a variety of entertainment. The North Shore is a world renowned pro surfing venue, while Aloha Stadium features the NFL’s annual Pro-Bowl, an annual Christmas Day college football bowl game, and home games of the University of Hawaii Warriors. UH also features a full spectrum of NCAA Div I sports, including their top-ranked men’s and women’s volleyball teams. Other attractions include the Honolulu Symphony and after a short plane trip to Maui, the premier Maui Invitational NCAA basketball tournament.

With all that there is to do in Hawaii coupled with Juniper’s busy op-tempo, you can’t avoid living up to the adage “work hard and play hard.” So if you are due to transfer, you should definitely consider joining Junipers’s crew. 

Area Information


There are a multitude of education opportunities both aboard and ashore, and WALNUT works closely with Base Honolulu in maximizing their availability to our crew. Chaminade University, Hawaii Pacific University and Wayland Baptist University are among a handful of private schools that offer classes to service members.  State schools like University of Hawaii System and several local community colleges offer a variety of degrees featuring flexible class schedules. WALNUT carries a full library of CG end-of-course tests and is a recognized DANTES testing center, offering all CLEP, ACT, SAT and DSST exams.


Reporting IconWeather is very consistent, with only moderate changes in temperature throughout the year due to the year-round warm sea surface temperatures. The average summer temperature is 85 degrees and in winter 78, with extremes of only 59 and 94. The winter season (November to April) is also windier and a bit wetter. While the overhead sun can be hot, the action of trade winds most always provides a cooling breeze. Severe storms are not a common occurrence.

Reporting In

If the cutter is underway, all members should report in to Base Honolulu’s SPO as soon as possible so that you may begin receiving your entitlements. If it is after hours, you may contact the Base Honolulu OOD at 808-842-2970. All members should report to the cutter in the Tropical Blue (Long) uniform with combo cover or Garrison cap.