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1 Ediz Hook
Port Angeles, WA 98362


(360) 417-5970

Cutter Missions

CGC ACTIVE is assigned primarily to law enforcement and search and rescue missions. The law enforcement duties involve counter-narcotic operations, fisheries, and environmental protection. To add to its diverse mission capability, ACTIVE also participates in public relations activities such as the Portland Rose Festival and Seattle Sea Fair.

ACTIVE’s deployments are normally scheduled for between45 to 60 days. Inport periods for maintenance are scheduled between deployments, lasting six to eight weeks. Every four years the ship undergoes a major maintenance period lasting eight to twelve weeks.

Our Homeport

Port Angeles is the largest city on the Olympic Peninsula. The approximate population of the town and the surrounding area is 18,000. Port Angeles is located in the northeastern section of the Olympic Peninsula between the Strait of Juan De Fuca and the Olympic Mountains.

Port Angeles is a picturesque seaport city nestled at the foot of the magnificent Olympic Mountains. Hurricane Ridge is the #1 scenic attraction at Olympic Park, located only a couple of miles up Race Street. The wilderness setting and wholesome environment provide a casual outdoor lifestyle filled with adventure as well as relaxation.

Port Angeles is 80 miles northwest of Seattle via state highways and ferries. Dungeness Line busses offer regular service between Port Angeles and Seattle. Additionally, Port Angeles is a gateway city to Victoria, British Columbia, only 18 miles across the Strait of Juan De Fuca by ferry. Black Ball Transport has provided daily, year round service on M/V COHO for over 26 years. Travel time is approximately 90 minutes each way.

Public School Information

Port Angeles School District
Phone: (360) 457-8575
Address: 216 East Fourth St
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Web Site:

Peninsula College
Phone: (360) 452-9277
Address: 1502 E. Lauridsen Blvd
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
Web site:

Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce

The Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization representing the community of Port Angeles and the surrounding area. As the Chamber of Commerce they concentrate their marketing efforts within the natural boundary made up of Crescent Lake to the west, and Sequim Bay to the east. The majority of the membership of the Chamber is made up of individuals and businesses within the City limits of Port Angeles which is a community of just under 20,000 residents.

The Chamber of Commerce is also dedicated to raising the awareness of the Port Angeles area through tourism and markets the area as a tourism destination. The Chamber runs and staffs the Visitor Center which is located on the waterfront next to the ferry docks in downtown Port Angeles. Their address is 121 E. Railroad, Port Angeles, WA 98362 and can be reached via email at

Ferry Transportation

Washington State Ferries
Phone: (206) 464-6400
Toll Free: 1-888-808-7977
Email Address:
Web Site:

Blackball Transport, M.V. Coho Ferry
Phone: (360) 457-4491
Address: 101 E. Railroad Ave, Foot of Laurel
Port Angeles, WA, 98362
Web Site:


** Please note that Port Angeles is designated as a CHA (Critical Housing Area).  Members with dependents issued PCS orders to ACTIVE and who have no intention of relocating their dependents to that unit, may submit a Housing Allowance Protection Worksheet (CG-2025A) to CG PSC-PSD-fs requesting housing allowances based on a location other than their new Permanent Duty Station (PDS). Members authorized a housing allowance based on the payment of child support are not eligible to submit a CG-2025A under the CHA policy.  For further guidance, contact your respective Admin section and refer to COMDTINST 11101.15. **

It is advisable to plan a house-hunting trip prior to your arrival to Port Angeles. Permissive orders for a “house hunting” trip may be authorized by your current command for a period of ten days. Contact your YN for further information. If that is not possible, there is information enclosed listing various rental agencies and low income housing availability. Additionally, the Housing Office at Air Station Port Angeles maintains an updated listing of homes available to rent or buy. Members E-4 and above are entitled to Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) for the Port Angeles area. E-3 are eligible for leased housing on a space available basis. Housing can be reached at (360) 417-5826.

The majority of property owners only rent through property/real estate agencies. It is advisable to contact several of the agencies provided in the handout and your sponsor to get an idea of all your housing options.

Here are some helpful links for property listings.

BAH Rates

Unaccompanied members E-4 and above are entitled to Basic Housing Allowance (BAH). E-3 are eligible for leased housing on a space available basis. Additionally, Members with dependents will be provided with BAH for the Port Angeles area.

Temporary Lodging

Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) may be paid in the Continental United States (CONUS) under Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR). A maximum entitlement of ten days TLE is authorized. You qualify for TLE if you stay in temporary lodging upon your arrival here. For further information on TLE and other pay entitlements contact your unit Yeoman. If you have e-mail capabilities, you can reach our Yeoman at

CG Mutual Assistance

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance offers a Housing Assistance Program, which is intended to assist service members and their families obtain housing in a new area under PCS orders. There are two types of loans available under this program:

Purchasing Assistance: This program helps career-minded Coast Guard service members and their families purchase homes by providing loans to help pay for the closing costs associated with purchasing a residence. The intent of this program is to enable service members who would otherwise be unable to own a home to purchase a residence in the local community. What is included as closing costs? Loan Origination Fees, Appraisal Fees, Attorney Fees, Title Insurance, Survey Fees, and Prepaid Expenses.

Rental Assistance: The purpose of the Rental Assistance Program is to assist the eligible personnel in the private leasing of family or personal quarters through loans for security deposits and utilities. This may include housing security deposit, utility deposits (except SAT/Cable TV), and real estate brokerage fees.

For specific information regarding these programs, contact your local Mutual Assistance Representative.

Household Goods Shipment

Upon your arrival to Port Angeles, contact the Transportation Officer at Base Seattle at (206) 217-6507 to find out the status of your household goods, even if you are not in a position to accept delivery.

Temporary storage is authorized for a period of 90 days. An additional 90 days may be authorized, providing it is properly requested and justified in writing. If you are going to be living onboard, make arrangements with the Transportation Officer to keep your goods in storage until you are eligible for housing. Storage changes occurring beyond the period authorized will be borne by you. Temporary storage is not authorized in connection with local moves.

You should personally oversee the unloading and unpacking of your household goods. Be sure you check each carton and individual item off the inventory list. Missing and/or damaged items should be annotated on all forms before you sign them. Obtain copies that are signed by the carrier’s representative. Whenever in doubt as to what is expected of you or of the carrier in any given situation, contact the Transportation Officer.

In the event your household goods are lost or damaged during transit or while in storage, contact the Claims Officer onboard ACTIVE immediately. The HHG Claims Officer is YN1 Jake Martin who can be contacted at

Air Station Port Angeles

Port Angeles is also home to U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles. The Air Station has a compliment of 16 officers/pilots, 31 enlisted/aircrew, and three MH-65 helicopters.

Collocated with AIRSTA Port Angeles are the CGC ANACAPA, CGC ADELIE, CGC WAHOO, CGC SWORDFISH, Station Port Angeles, Medical Clinic, Exchange, ANT Team, Electronics Shop, CGC OSPREY (Port Townsend), and two coastal SAR stations (Neah Bay and Quillayute River). The total personnel allowance includes 20 officers, 154 enlisted, and 6 civilian employees. The Air Station is located on Ediz Hook, a narrow strip of land encircling Port Angeles Harbor.


Air Station Port Angeles Medical Clinic

Primary Care provider for all Active Duty Crewmembers. Newly reporting members are encouraged to bring their dependents to the clinic for TRICARE check-in to ensure benefits are up to date, however, dependents and retirees are required to seek civilian care.

Most routine-care appointments can be obtained within one week.

Most urgent-care appointments are seen on the same day.

The Clinic is usually closed Wednesday afternoon for training.

You can contact the AIRSTA Port Angeles Clinic with any questions regarding TRICARE Benefits and Health Care (360) 417-5895 between the hours of 0700-1500.

Employee Assistance Program

This program is available to all Active Duty personnel and their Dependents through the Department of Health and Human Services. This program provides confidential, short-term counseling and problem solving assistance at no cost to Coast Guard Beneficiaries. The phone number is 800-222-0364. For additional information, contact the ship’s Health Services Technician or your supervisor.

Other Area Military Treatment Facilities (MTFS)

Naval Hospital Bremerton is approximately 75 miles from Port Angeles. The general information line is (360) 475-4600.

Madigan Army Hospital is approximately 120 miles from Port Angeles. The general information line is (253) 968-1110.

Local Hospital (

Olympic Memorial Hospital is located in Port Angeles. The general information line is (360) 417-7000.


TRICARE Prime is available. If you are currently on TRICARE Prime, do not disenroll until you have arrived in Port Angeles and have chosen a new Primary Care Manager. You will be covered by means of portability. If you need to be seen, en route to Port Angeles for non-emergent cases, you must contact TRICARE for authorization. Emergencies must be reported to TRICARE within 24 hours.

TRICARE Phone numbers

TRICARE Information Line 1-800-982-0032

Health Care Finder1-800-404-2042

Health Care Information Line 1-800-750-6946

DEERS Information Line 1-800-538-9552

Coast Guard Health Benefit Information 1-800-9-HBA-HBA

For additional information or questions, contact the ship’s Health Services Technician.

TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan

This is elective insurance, which the Active Duty Member must enroll and pay for with a monthly pay deduction. Please contact ACTIVE’s Health Services Technician or the AIRSTA Port Angeles Clinic for more information.