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What is an OMBUDSMAN?

The Ombudsman is a spouse designated by the Commanding Officer to serve as a link between the command and families, assisting the command in its function of providing information and referral services to crewmembers and their families. In carrying out these duties, the Ombudsman:

  • Meets with the command regularly to obtain information on common concerns. 
  • Informs family members on unit status through periodic meetings, mailings, and Internet newsletters.
  • Is able to refer families to community and military resources to aid in resolving family issues. 
  • Maintains a call list to quickly communicate with families.

Contact the Ombudsman if you would like to be added to the call list or e-mail list.  ACTIVE's current ombudsman is Mrs. Emily Clark.  She can be reached at

Family Emergencies

You may contact your spouse while underway via e-mail, however, for major emergencies such as serious illness or a death in the family, the Ombudsman has the responsibility of notifying the command. If an emergency exists and the Ombudsman cannot be contacted, you can have the information relayed to the cutter through:
Pacific Area/D11 (510) 437-2948
Sector Field Office Port Angeles Command Center (360) 417-2226
American Red Cross (360) 457-7933