USCGC KISKA (WPB 1336) History


Map of Kiska IslandKISKA was commissioned in 1990 and has been stationed in Hilo, HI since then. KISKA relieved USCGC CAPE CROSS (WPB 95321), which served in Hilo from 1987 to 1990. Prior to USCGC CAPE CROSS, USCGC CAPE SMALL (WPB 95300), was stationed in Hilo from 1953 to 1987.

USCGC KISKA was named after Kiska Island (see map to left), which is located in the remote Aleutian Island Chain (part of the State of Alaska). Kiska Island was a battle site in World War II. Kiska Island was captured by Japanese forces and occupied for over a year. Immediately before Allied forces invaded Kiska Island to retake it, the occupying Japanese forces evacuated the island, escaping under a shroud of heavy fog. Today, Kiska Island is a National Historic Landmark and is also part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. There is also an active volcano on Kiska Island.