USCGC WASHINGTON (WPB 1331) Cutter Information


 Drawing of CGC Washington


  • Length: 110 feet
  • Draft: 7 feet 1 inch
  • Beam: 21 feet
  • Displacement (full load): 165 long tons
  • Maximum Speed: 28+ knots
  • Endurance: 2000 NM or six days continuous steaming at an average speed of 14 knots. Endurance is fuel limited (9,500 gal).
  • Potable water: Capacity is 940 gallons with the ability to desalinate 300 gallons per day.
  • Propulsion: Two 10-ton, turbo charged V-16, Paxman diesel engines producing 2880 bhp at 1525 engine rpms each.
  • Armament: 25mm and .50 caliber machine guns employable to sea state 5; standard Coast Guard small arms.
  • Habitability: Climate control and full-function galley with food storage for more than 7 days.
  • Construction: Hull is welded mild steel, superstructure is welded aluminum alloy plate. Two compartment subdivision for damage control.
  • Small Boat: 6 meter rigid hull inflatable boat powered by one 90 hp outboard motor. Launched by a single point, hydraulic davit with telescoping boom to conduct rescue and assistance or boarding operations in up to sea state 5.
  • Accommodations: One 8-person berthing area, one 6- person berthing area, one 2-person Chief Petty Officer stateroom, and 2 Officer staterooms.