Meet the Command Cadre

Executive Officer

CDR William Woityra is the Executive Officer (XO) on board USCGC POLAR STAR, serving as the direct representative of the Commanding Officer. The XO is responsible for all administration, personnel, safety, and coordination aboard the cutter.

Engineer Officer

LCDR Nicholas Galati is the Engineer Officer (EO) on board USCGC POLAR STAR and oversees the Main Propulsion, Auxiliary, Electronics and Electrical, and Damage Control divisions.

Operations Officer

LCDR Karen Kutkiewicz is the Operations Officer (OPS) on board USCGC POLAR STAR and oversees the Administration, Communications, Health Services, Marine Sciences, and Navigation divisions. OPS is responsible for mission execution including coordination of science mission support with the National Science Foundation.

First Lieutenant

CWO2 Phillip Dawalt serves as the First Lieutenant (1LT) on board USCGC POLAR STAR. He oversees the operation of the Deck Department and associated equipment, including weight handling gear and three small boats.

Support Services Officer

CWO4 Sean Johannsen serves as the Support Services Officer (SUPPO) on board USCGC POLAR STAR and is responsible for the Supply and Food Service divisions.

Command Senior Chief

Senior Chief Kevin Ball is the Command Senior Chief on board USCGC POLAR STAR. He serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the Commanding Officer and provides advice on issues, policies, and initiatives pertaining to the crew and their families.