Port Security Unit 301, Cape Cod, Massachusetts



Sherri Reardon
PSU301 Ombudsman


The Coast Guard Ombudsman Program connects families to the Command and the Coast Guard – ensuring that families have access to the highest level of support.  As your Ombudsman, I can provide support in a number of ways!

•             I serve as the primary point of contact for UNIT families. I am available to answer questions, to address concerns, and to provide guidance and support.

•             I serve as the primary communication link between families and the Command.

•             I am an information and referral specialist – I provide information, resources, and referrals to unit families.

•             I serve as a representative and advocate for Coast Guard families.

•             I can provide assistance during the transition and relocation process.

•             I maintain a confidential contact/distribution list. This list is used to relay messages and to distribute information.

•             Emergency assistance: In the event of a disaster or emergency, I would relay any available messages, work to ensure the safety and well-being of families, and work in a coordinated manner with the appropriate departments and organizations to provide disaster relief to those affected.

•             In addition to disasters, I also serve as a source of support during times of personal crisis or emergency – connecting families and individuals to the resources and support that may be needed and serving as a channel of communication between the family and the Command.

All Members and families are eligible to receive support through the Ombudsman Program. I am accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are never without support – I am here to help!

Your communication with me is protected by the strictest code of confidentiality. However, your safety and well-being does take precedence over confidentiality. I am required to report child abuse and neglect, domestic abuse, suicidal risks, and homicidal, violent or life-endangering situations to the Command and the proper authorities.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there are any ways that I can support you. It is an incredible honor to serve as your Ombudsman!

Very Respectfully,

Sherri Reardon
PSU301 Ombudsman