United States Coast Guard Cutter DORADO (WPB 87306)

USCGC Dorado United States Coast Guard Cutter Dorado (WPB 87306) is the sixth cutter of the newly-designed Marine Protector Class Coastal Patrol Boat fleet.

Dorado was built at Bollinger Shipyards in Lockport, Louisiana and was commissioned in April 1999. CGC Dorado is home ported in Crescent City, California and serves under Coast Guard Group Humboldt Bay in the Eleventh Coast Guard District.

USCGC Dorado patrols the rugged 280 nautical miles of coast that stretch between Point Arena, CA and Cape Sebastian, 20nm north of the Oregon-California border. CGC Dorado also occasionally patrols as far way as the Canadian and Mexican borders. The CGC Dorado's missions include Search and Rescue, Counter-Narcotic and Fisheries Law Enforcement and Marine Environmental Protection.

The 87 ft. Coastal Patrol Boats, (CPB) of the Marine Protector Class, were designed to replace the aging, Vietnam War-era 82 ft. Point Class patrol boats. The 87 ft. CPB has several significant improvements over the 82 ft. Point Class that allow it to be more mission capable while improving crew and habitability. The 87 ft. CPB was designed to operate in conditions up to Sea State 5. It is equipped with two MTU twin-turbocharged, eight cylinder diesel engines which are rated at 1500 horsepower each. The propulsion system also includes a slow speed drive capability that allows the CPB to safely maneuver in restricted waters as well as tow smaller vessels.

The CBC's fuel capacity of 2600 gallons and technologically advanced reverse osmosis water desalination capabilities, the CPB can sustain operations for up to 72 hours.

The pilothouse of the CPB is a technological masterpiece, housing a full complement of electronic navigation and Search & Rescue gear. It is equipped with a fully integrated electronic charting system and autopilot. The CPB is also equipped with the Coast Guard's latest AN/SPS-73 surface search radar.

Crew comfort was a primary factor influencing the design of the CPB. Unlike past patrol boats, the CPB can host any mix of males and females with its 11-person complement. Each crew stateroom is equipped with internal phones and a potable water sink. There are two restroom facilities and showers. The mess deck has seating for nine crewmembers and is equipped with a television, DVD Player and Surround Sound for crew relaxation.

The CGC Dorado is equipped with a stern boat launch and recovery system for the cutter's small boat. Its innovative design allows the CGC Dorado to launch and recover the small boat with a minimal amount of manpower and without the use of cranes. The small boat is powered by a 100 horse power diesel engine with a top speed in excess of 30 knots.