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Welcome to Guam,

Congratulations on your assignment to USCGC SEQUOIA.  Below you will find some helpful links to help you and your family successfully transition to life on Guam.  Even though the information is made for Navy and Air Force personnel, the vast majority of the information still applies to Coast Guard personnel.  Check with your sponsor and running mate if you have any questions.  This list is in no way comprehensive and is intended to supplement the information provided to you by your sponsor, running mate, servicing personnel office, welcome aboard message, entry approval guidelines message, and entry approval granted message.


Timeline for Overseas Screening Process:

> 00 days -
1) Receive Orders

> 10 days -
1) SEQUOIA sends Welcome Aboard Message with sponsor and running mate information and an Entry Approval Guidelines Message.
2) You are screened for overseas assignment by your command in accordance with the Personnel Office, COMDTINST M1000.6A Exhibit 4.H.2

>15 days -
1) You and your command send the results of the overseas screening process via email or fax to Sector Guam (our Servicing Personnel Office and Entry Approval Point) and a courtesy copy to us.  Medical screenings and physicals may still be pending but submitted overseas screening packet must include dates for scheduled physicals and medical screenings

In accordance with ALCOAST 098/06 if your command requires more than 15 days to complete and forward the results of the overseas screening process, they must request an extension from the Entry Approval Point (Sector Guam).  If your command requires longer than 30 days to complete and forward the results, CGPC (OPM-2 or EPM-2) must concur with the extension

Important Contact Information: 

Phone: 671-355-4885

Mailing Address:
    PSC 455 BOX 203
    FPO, AP 96540-0003

Servicing Personnel Center (Sector Guam):

Phone: 671-355-4805/4807

Unit Ombudsman - Mrs. Becky Lawrence:


Helpful Websites:

Assignment Guam

Assignment Guam is an online version of a very informative and helpful publication about moving to Guam.  The website contains information on everything.  It is recommended you take the time to read the whole thing.

Command Naval Forces Marianas

All Coast Guard units on Guam are located on the Navy Base (“Big Navy”).  This site provides information regarding services and facilities on the Navy Base.  The links page provides a large number of other helpful websites.

Other sites for more information about Guam

Pacific Daily News, a newspaper on Guam
Television station on Guam
Guam Visitors’ Bureau

If you found any other website or organization helpful in your or your family’s move to Guam, please let us know so we can add it to our list.

Looking Forward to You and Your Family’s Arrival,

The SEQUOIA family