Vessels engaged in dredging for gold off of the coast of Nome, AK are subject to Coast Guard vessel safety and environmental protection requirements. For detailed information about Coast Guard requirements, please read Marine Safety Bulletin 04-17. Questions about requirements may be directed to Mr. Jeff Ahlgren at Sector Anchorage at 907-428-4183 or

The Coast Guard will be hosting a Gold Dredge kickoff meeting in Nome on June 12, 2017. Both Coast Guard and DNR representatives will be present at the kickoff meeting. Please contact Mr. Jeff Ahlgren with questions regarding the kickoff meeting.

The State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will again require that vessels pass Coast Guard safety exams in order to dredge in 2017. Vessels that cannot pass a Coast Guard safety exam prior to their first planned day of drilling in 2017 may request a waiver from DNR by calling Nick Kimmel at 907-443-3546.

2018  Nome Gold Dredge Inspection Schedule:

  • TBD


Below are links that may be of use to dredge owners:


  • Gold Dredge Safety Handout 2018: This is your reference for commercial vessel safety requirements for gold dredge operations in Nome, Alaska.
  • Net and Gross Tonnage Calculator: If you do not know your vessel’s tonnage, you can use the Simplified Tonnage Form. Once you fill out the form, the gross and net tonnage will display in the upper right-hand corner. Note that the result will only show up if you fill out sections 4, 5 and 6, at a minimum, and hit “enter” on your keyboard after entering the last number in section 6.
  • Uninspected Vessel Requirements: Many requirements applicable to uninspected dredges are available here in 46 Code of Federal Regulations Subchapter C, parts 24, 25 and 26.
  • National Vessel Documentation Center: If your vessel is 5 net tons or more, you will need to register it here. The fee for initial documentation is $133. You may choose either registry or coastwise endorsements for gold dredges. Note that coastwise is an extra $29, but registry does not cost anything extra.
  • Navigation Rules: This is your reference for navigation lights, sound signals, the diver flag and more. Note that because you are operating off of the coast of Nome, you are subject to International Rules, not Inland Rules.
  • Tide tables for Nome can be obtained from the Harbormaster’s Office. You may also go to the NOAA site linked here and download the “Annual PDF” for a five-page print-out of year’s worth of Nome tide predictions.
  • Light List: Print just the page that pertains to Nome and keep it on your vessel. The page number printed on the document is 237, but the actual document number for the printer is 272.
  • Coast Pilot 9 Nome, Alaska: This excerpt from Coast Pilot 9 covers Nome harbor. Print it and carry it aboard your vessel.
  • Dive Lights and Flag for Nome Gold Dredge Divers: This excerpt from the Navigation Rules provides information about flags and lights for dive vessels.
  • Navigation Light Safety Alert: Make sure you purchase the correct type of navigation light to ensure that they can be seen at a distance and are designed to withstand a maritime environment. Look for ABYC or UL-approved bulbs.
  • Chart: NOAA’s Booklet Chart for Nome Harbor will suffice provided it covers the area you are operating in. A full-size paper chart is preferable.



  • Load line: This page discusses load line requirements. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is authorized to issue load lines on behalf of the Coast Guard. You can contact the Seattle ABS office at or 1-206-762-6200.
  • National Maritime Center: Those seeking a Merchant Mariner Credential (required for captain and chief engineer on a dredge greater than 200) can find out more about credentialing here.
  • Radio Station License: Those will vessels 65ft or greater must obtain a radio license from the FCC.
  • Inspection Requirements: A small number of dredges will require Coast Guard Certificates of Inspection (all manned barges, plus self-propelled vessels greater than 300 gross tons). Inspection requirements are largely contained in 46 Code of Federal Regulations Subchapter I.


Coast Guard Point of Contact:
Mr. Jeff Ahlgren
Phone: (907) 428-4183

Marine Safety Information Bulletin 04-17