The Port State Control Branch (PSC) is charged with eliminating substandard vessels from U.S. waters. The PSC Branch screens all inbound and transiting Foreign Flagged and Domestic vessels daily to ensure compliance with all applicable international and domestic laws and regulations. The international regulations originate with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) which is a branch of the United Nations. The tragic loss of life with the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912 spawned the first International Safety of Life at Sea - SOLAS - convention, which is perhaps the single most important treaty addressing maritime safety today.


Port State Control Branch Chief: (907) 428-4171

Port State Control/Foreign Vessel Inspection: (907) 428-4171 or

 Polar Code - Policy Letter 16-06

 MSIB 01-15 NTVRP Enforcement Standards Change

 MSIB 01-12 Application Requirements for Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) for Tank Vessels Operating in the Captain of the Port, Western Alaska Zone

Western Alaska Tank Vessel FAQ

Non-Tank Vessel Response Plan Federal Register

 MSIB 38-13 Clarification of Implementation Date and Notice of Arrival Requirements for Nontank Vessel Response Plan Final Rule