For shipboard scientific support information, please contact HEALY's Marine Science Officer (MSO).


HEALY Policies

Below are current policies related to civilian personnel embarking on HEALY. Please direct any questions to HEALY's Executive Officer.

Civilian Medical Screen Form

Medical Screening for Embarking Civilian Personnel: HEALY's shipboard policy providing guidance regarding medical screening of civilians deploying on HEALY.

On-Ice Operations: HEALY's process for the evaluation and continuous re-assessment of risks for on-ice operations.


USCGC HEALY has permanent accommodations for over 130 people. All berthing spaces are located above the main deck.

In addition to the berthing areas, the ship includes:

  • Library
  • Conference Room (science)
  • Lounge (science, officers, chiefs, first class petty officers, and crew)
  • Messing Facility
  • Laundry
  • Gym (weight lifting and cardio)
  • Ship's Store
  • Medical Facility

Science Systems


  • Science Wet Lab
  • Main Science Lab
  • Science Staging Area
  • Science Staging Area
  • Science Dry Assembly Area
  • Biological/Chemical Analysis Lab
  • Science Freezer
  • Science Refrigerator
  • Electronics/Computer Lab
  • Photography Lab
  • Future Science Lab
  • Meteorological Lab

Climate Control Chambers (2)

  • Labs and Climate Control Chambers provided with deck sockets, Unistrut System, and clean electrical power.


Two oceanographic winches, capable of handling 10,000 meters of 3/8" wire, 12,000 meters of 0.322" electro-mechanical cable;
Two double drum trawl/core winches, capable of handling 12,000 meters of 0.680" electro-mechanical cable, or 14,000 meters of 9/16" wire.

Open Working Decks

Forward - 500 sq ft, Aft - 3,000 sq ft, Starboard Aft - 600 sq ft.

Staging Areas for Science Operations

Starboard staging area provided with a bridge crane & hoist, roller door access weather deck, direct access to wet lab, science conning station and holds. Aft staging area for fantail work.


Science Data Network - dual fiber-optic network with 120 Ethernet ports throughout the science spaces for real-time data transfer, provided with processors, plotters, printers, GPS master clock, installed workstations.

Bathymetric Survey Systems Include:

  • Echo Sound Processor and Depth Digitizer
  • Kongsberg Bottom Mapping Sonar
  • XBT Data Acquisition Unit
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
  • Knudsen 320 B/R Sub Bottom Profiler


Five hydraulically operated cranes, providing nearly 100% coverage of working decks (with exception of forward van locations on boat decks).


Two A-Frames located on working decks aft and starboard.


Six standard ISO vans with service hookups (including electrical, HVAC, air, science data network, and uncontaminated seawater)

Core Handling Brackets

Coring will be handled from both the starboard side (up to 90 feet) and directly off the stern (length of cores unknown at this time)

Transducer Well & Dedicated Science Sea-chest

Science Freezer and Refrigerator

Two Climate Control Chambers

Cargo Hold

Three cargo holds providing a total of 20,000 cu ft, with storage systems and serviced by a dedicated science hoist.

Bow Boom & Tower Sampling Systems

The bow boom can extend approximately 15 feet forward of the ship's bow, and when erected, the bow tower is approximately 60 feet above water line. Requests for this gear must be specified during mission planning phase.

Dive Locker

Containing high pressure air compressor and storage for dive equipment. Required diver operations must be specified during mission planning phase.

Quiet Ship Operations

Control of radiated noise for underwater acoustics work and operation of underwater systems