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Arctic West Summer (AWS) 2017

Current Deployment

Healy is underway for Arctic West Summer (AWS) 2017. You can view hourly pictures from the aloft conn at Icefloe. Links covering HEALY's missions are available on the media page.

Public Affairs Officer Update

ENS Chris Dibari (HEALY's Public Affairs Officer) posts HEALY Updates for friends and family back home. HEALY's Ombudsman maintains an e-mail list for friends and family of HEALY crewmembers.

CSCS Wheeler and CS1 Densmore pin on CS3 Trudell’s new rank insigna following his advancement.
EM1 Espinosa’s concentration could not be broken while working on his masterpiece during the Paint Night.
MSTC Winegar gives the signal to bring in the CTD rosette from over the side and set it on deck.
LT O’brien instructs SA Baker-Rodriguez and BM3 Shoopman on proper firefighting techniques during emergency response drills.
Two members of HEALY’s 1702 science party work to complete their sampling at a science station.
HEALY crewmembers take a break from combing the beach to enjoy the beautiful Alaskan day.
LTJG Brian Hagerty and BMCM Andrea Martynowski show Senator Dan Sullivan the navigation equipment HEALY uses while underway in the Arctic.
CAPT Tlapa congratulates LTJG Lash upon receiving the Coast Guard Achievement Medal.
EM1 Omar Zaldivar poses with his “catch of the day”.
HEALY’s crew and the 1701 science crew assemble on the flight deck for a group photograph.
CAPT Tlapa and Chief Scientist explain some of the unmanned maritime systems HEALY tested in the Arctic to the Mayor of Nome and local tribal representatives.
MST1 Sean Carrillo gives the “take-off” signal to the HH-60 during flight operations.
HEALY’s deck crew set a NOAA buoy in the Arctic Ocean in support of the 1701 science mission.
CAPT Tlapa congratulates BMCS Cichoracki as he is awarded the Coast Guard Commendation Medal.
BM2 Wells uses a tag-line to guide part of the hyperbaric chamber aboard HEALY in Seward, AK.
CS1 Densmore and CS3 Jackson present CS3 Taylor his new rank insignia, Petty Officer Third Class.
Congratulations Commander Everette!
Ensign Abigail Isaacs prepares to lead training on donning life-saving fire fighting equipment.
Damage Control Chief David Warner trains shipmates on hose handling techniques.
Boatswain's Mates David Edelson and Ben Ahlin prepare the 26325 for training during shakedown.
HEALY’s bridge team prepares to moor the ship at Pier 19 in Honolulu, HI
BM2 Jim Bowell instructs HEALY crewmembers on the use of the Shoulder Line Throwing Gun.
HEALY’s Gold and Silver Ancient Mariners, ENG3 Rob Kopser and FSCS Cliff Grader stand with newly minted permanent cuttermen.
HEALY crewmembers on their first SCUBA dive
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Sept. 10, 2017

CGC Healy Mission Update for 10 Sep 2017

HEALY is headed back south from the Arctic and into the Bering Sea to conduct more science operations and an eventual moor in Dutch Harbor, AK. For the two-day transit to the next site, 24 hour science operations have been suspended, allowing HEALY’s crew and the embarked science party much needed rest after working around-the-clock the past couple of weeks, sometimes fighting 40 knot winds and 15 foot swells to get the job done.

Sept. 3, 2017

CGC Healy Mission Update for 3 Sep 2017

HEALY is in the Arctic nearing the midpoint of her second science mission. AWS 1702 is a study that focuses on data collection in biological hotspots in the Chukchi Sea. For the past week, HEALY has been working around the clock deploying gear to collect data from the water column and the ocean floor at science stations.

Aug. 27, 2017

CGC Healy Mission Update for 27 Aug 2017

After a brief stop in Dutch Harbor, AK, to collect our new science party, HEALY is headed back north to the Arctic to conduct its second science mission, AWS 1702. This NOAA sponsored project seeks to study biological hotspots along the continental shelf in the Arctic and along the coast of Alaska. In addition to CTD casts to collect physiological data throughout the water column, HEALY will deploy mesh nets to gather small organisms from the water, and equipment to collect samples from the ocean floor. We will also deploy data gathering buoys and support marine mammal and sea-bird observations. Once HEALY enters the Arctic, we will begin our busy schedule of 24-hour science operations.

Aug. 20, 2017

CGC Healy Update for 20 Aug 2017

After a stop in Seward, AK, we are on our way to Dutch Harbor to embark our science party for the second science mission of the summer, Arctic West Summer (AWS) 1702, brought to us by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI)!

Aug. 6, 2017

CGC Healy Mission Update - 06 August 2017

HEALY is finishing up her first science mission, Arctic West Sumer (AWS) 1701 and temporarily heading south. After a busy few weeks at sea, HEALY’s crew is looking forward to a few days of rest back in Seward, AK before we begin our second science mission, AWS-1702.

July 30, 2017

CGC Healy Mission Update - 30 July 2017

CGC HEALY is in the midst of her first science mission of the year, Arctic West Summer (AWS) 1701. HEALY’s crew has been working alongside the embarked science party from the Coast Guard’s Research and Development Center (R&DC) to deploy and test a multitude of equipment. Oil skimmers, NOAA buoys, underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and unmanned maritime systems are being prototyped and tested during this mission to examine how well they perform in sea ice and in the Arctic.

July 23, 2017

CGC Healy Mission Update - 23 July 2017

On July 17th, HEALY moored in Seward, AK for a five day logistics stop that also gave the crew a chance to experience Alaska and rest up for our first mission. During the work days, HEALY’s engineers took on 340,000 gallons of fuel, the deck force muscled aboard over 10,000 pounds of science equipment, and dive gear, and supply division managed the onload of 10 pallets of food stores for the upcoming trip to the Arctic. During their free time, HEALY crew members took to the nearby mountains, ice fields, and glaciers to take advantage of the beautiful Alaskan scenery.

July 17, 2017

CGC Healy Mission Update - 17 July 2017

On July 4th, HEALY moored in Honolulu, HI in order to onload a number of NOAA drifter buoys for deployment on our trip north, conduct operational tests of HEALY’s Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP), and have some crew rest.

July 3, 2017

CGC Healy Mission Update - 3 July 2017

“All those not sailing aboard HEALY to Honolulu, lay ashore.” –LTJG Jon Lash over HEALY’s 1MC Announcement System

July 10, 2016

CGC Healy Mission Update - 10 July 2016

“Now, for the information of all hands, US Coast Guard Cutter HEALY has stood into the realm of the Arctic Circle…To all Honorable Polar Bears Onboard: Borealis Rex and his court welcome you back.” - LCDR Dan Everette, Operations Officer.