Port Security Unit 301, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Be Your Best so we can Be Our Best


Command Philosophy


First, I am truly honored to be the Commanding Officer of Port Security 301 and I am extremely proud to be part of this unit.  My intention during my command is that PSU 301 will successfully meet our in-garrison mission statement; of being worldwide deployable within 96 hours and all assigned missions should we be deployed. In accomplishing our mission(s) we will continue to be the most respected and proactive Port Security Unit in the United States Coast Guard.

To meet this intent, I am providing you my Command Philosophy which is rooted in my five guiding principles of People, Planning, Performance, Professionalism and Pride. These five principles are what I consider the essential elements that will lead to our continued success. With that said, these principles are useless unless they are administered using exceptional leadership, effective communication and teamwork.   

Exceptional leaders first and foremost take care of their people.  Additionally, they set the example in terms of their planning, performance, professionalism and take pride in all that they do.  Exceptional leaders also continually look for ways to develop their subordinates so that they too can grow as leaders.

Effective communicators are ones who can express their visions so that all members of the team can successfully carry out their tasks.  Effective communicators are also prudent listeners who solicit productive feedback from others.

Teamwork takes effort. Every member of the team must know their role, perform their duties to the best of their abilities and strive for that feeling of esprit de corps that comes from accomplishing a task worth doing.

Through your planning, performance, professionalism and pride coupled with exceptional leadership, effective communication and exemplary teamwork we will exceed every expectation and continue to be the model Port Security Unit in the Coast Guard!

Semper Paratus,

CDR Tom Adams
Commanding Officer
Port Security Unit 301