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JFB Inclement Weather Hotline (800) 982-8813 x7015

National Response Center (800) 424-8802.

Regional Exam Center (888) 427-5662

National Documentation Center (800) 799-8362

Navigation Center (703) 313-5900








Need to report a problem with a bridge not opening? 

Click here to submit a Coast Guard "Report of Delay at Drawbridge" Template.

Bridge information has been added to Light List Volume VI

In an effort to better identify bridges throughout the 13th Coast Guard District information has been added to Light List Volume VI for bridges located in Oregon, Washington and Idaho that are in waterways covered by the Light List. The position information being listed for each bridge is not meant to be used for navigation and is only to help the mariner with identifying a particular bridge in a waterway. Mariners are advised to refer to the chart for detailed navigation information for a bridge.  Mariners are asked in the future when reporting a problem with a bridge to the Coast Guard to include the Light List number for the bridge they are reporting.  Click here to view Light List Volume VI and to obtain its corrections. 

Links to Bridge Regulations and Permitting Information

Code of Federal Regulation web page.
Jurisdictional Determinations (33 CFR part 2)
Bridge Permits (33 CFR parts 114 - 115)
Drawbridge Operation Regulations (33 CFR 117)
Law Enforcement/Civil Penalties (33 CFR 114)
CGHQ Bridge Administration (Home Page)
Coast Guard Bridge Administration Manual 

To see Public Notices for Bridge Projects in the 13th Coast Guard District click here.

Bridge Inspection Forms and List

Division-6 (1 of 2)
Division-6 (2 of 2)
Division-7 (1 of 2)
Division-7 (2 of 2)
Division-8 (1 of 2)
Division-8 (2 of 2)

Bridge Inspection List

For information concerning bridges within 13th Coast Guard District (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana) please contact the Bridge Administrator. 

Commander (dpw)
13th Coast Guard District
915 2nd Avenue, Room 3510
Seattle, WA. 98174-1067
Attn: Bridge Administrator
Phone: (206) 220-7282

Report all discrepancies with marine aids to navigation to the nearest Coast Guard Sector office!

Astoria (503) 861-6212 / North Bend (541) 756-9212 / Seattle (206) 217-6002